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Artec 3D partners with Portland-based Digital Scan 3D to open new Shapify Booth location for next-dimension selfies

Palo Alto, Calif. May 15, 2015 – Artec 3D, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, and Digital Scan 3D, an innovative 3D scanner and software integration company, today announced the installation of Artec’s Shapify Booth at the Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon. Once inside the booth, shoppers are scanned from head-to-toe in just 12 seconds and a digital model is then 3D printed. The result is a full color, mini-me figure called a “shapie.”


Portland shoppers are the latest group to gain access to this cutting-edge technology that is changing the way we capture life’s milestones like graduations, marriages and pregnancies. Shapies not only offer the one-of-a-kind experience of being scanned in a full-body booth, but create a memorable gift or memento that captures your unique style and self-expression. Photos are an all-too-common sight in our homes and on our desks. Shapies are a new way to preserve and display our favorite memories in high quality and vivid color.

“Portland is not only a center of innovation but a hub of cultural exploration and creativity,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “I’m very excited to bring this unique experience and technology to its residents. The degree of precision, quality and detail in each figurine is truly remarkable. We look forward to seeing all the inventive ways that our customers will use the Shapify Booth to create cherished 3D mementos for themselves, their friends and their families.”

The booth houses four wide-view, high-resolution Artec scanners that rotate around a person to capture them from all viewpoints. These precision scanners, accurate enough to be used in the aerospace, medical and manufacturing fields, are able to capture even the smallest details, from the writing on your shirt to the tattoos on your arm. Artec’s sophisticated software automatically stitches together the hundreds of generated images to create a full-body 3D image file ready for 3D printing. The printed figure will be ready for pick up on a customer’s next shopping trip or can be shipped directly to their home. Customers can even purchase the 3D file of their body scan and print it from their own 3D printer.

“From sculptures and portraits to cameras and camera phones, humanity is constantly searching for the best way to remember people and moments,” says Richman Siansimbi of Digital Scan 3D. “Although practically everyone is carrying a high-powered camera in their pocket these days, the images we take remain trapped behind a screen. Shapies are the next frontier, bringing us a way to not only capture, but also hold and display our memories in full color and detail.”

The Shapify Booth is set to launch today in front of the Macy’s at the Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about the Shapify Booth, visit https://www.shapify.me/.

About Digital Scan 3D

Digital Scan 3D is a 3D scanner and software integration company based in Portland, Oregon specializing in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality assurance and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). In addition to its services, Digital Scan 3D offers experienced counsel to clients interested in implementing or optimizing 3D scanning software or hardware, allowing them to execute business and technology initiatives and achieve results. Digital Scan 3D’s engagement model differentiates the company from traditional service organizations and enables it to deliver greater value to clients.