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Experience Artec’s range of 3D scanners at TCT Show 2019, the Design-to-Manufacturing event of the year!

| Hall 3 & 3A, NEC Birmingham, UK (Birmingham, UK)

With more than 300 exhibitors bringing their best and most exciting solutions, welcoming more than 10,000 visitors from 60 countries around the globe, TCT Show 2019 is bound to be an unmissable event in the world of additive manufacturing, 3D scanning and printing, design, and engineering. The latest digital manufacturing products and solutions will be on hand for you to discover and explore. Be sure to get a good night’s rest before the event, since you’re bound to need all the energy you can muster for the countless insights, interactions, and business intelligence that you will gain there every day.

While at the event, please stop by and visit our Gold Certified Resellers Central Scanning Ltd and Europac 3D, at Stands D41 and A90, respectively. Both resellers have long-standing experience in all aspects of 3D scanning and design-to-manufacturing. At their booths, they will be demonstrating how Artec’s 3D scanners can be used to dramatically reduce time and costs, while boosting productivity and creativity, with a minimum of training needed.

Sure to be a popular attraction at the event is the Artec Leo. This revolutionary 3D scanner is unsurpassed in its ease-of-use, total wireless freedom of scanning, and ability to digitally capture a wide variety of surfaces in complete darkness or bright sunlight. With Leo’s built-in touchscreen, you have full control of your 3D scanning workflow, as your scan appears in real-time and you can zoom in and check to make sure you’ve captured everything. Leo is the ideal handheld 3D scanner for design and manufacturing, 3D printing, and a whole range of other applications.

Another 3D scanner at the event has been making waves across the industry: the Artec Micro. An easy-to-use, fully-automated desktop scanner that delivers industrial-quality 3D scans of small objects in mere minutes, Micro is the perfect tool for reverse engineering, quality inspection, dentistry, jewelry, electronics, and more. With a point accuracy of up to 10 microns, Micro gives you stunningly precise 3D scans in brilliant color that are easily exported to CAD software.

The ultra-precise handheld 3D scanner Artec Space Spider will also be available for you to experience firsthand. This professional scanner has been widely used in reverse engineering, aerospace, archaeology, digital manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Space Spider captures small details and intricate geometries and excels at shapes including thin edges, sharp corners, etc. Every design engineer knows how crucial repeatable precision is, and Space Spider never disappoints in this, with its temperature stabilization and high-grade electronics ensuring that every scan comes out perfectly, regardless of environmental conditions.

Also on hand at the event will be the long-standing favorite Artec Eva. Easy to pick up and begin scanning with, using 100% safe, structured white light, Eva can digitally capture in color 3D nearly any surface you can find, including dark and shiny surfaces. An unbeatable choice for scanning medium-sized objects, Eva quickly captures precise measurements in high-resolution color, making it a serious tool for everything from reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, quality control, healthcare, and more.

For those looking to precisely digitally capture large objects from up to 110 meters away, the Artec Ray is a 3D scanner you won’t want to miss. Come see for yourself this long-range LiDAR scanner, and find out how it can be used for scanning everything from aircraft hangars, warehouses or factory floors, capturing everything within, or using it outside with objects such as aircraft, wind turbines, or even entire buildings. Ray delivers extremely clean scans, with noise levels at a bare minimum, making post-processing as brief as possible, and your workflow faster than it’s ever been.

In addition to our popular 3D scanners at the event, be sure to check out the latest version of Artec’s advanced scanning and post-processing software, Artec Studio, and see why countless users the world over have called it the industry’s finest. With its intuitive tools and powerful, time-saving features, making it ideal for beginners as well as advanced users, Artec Studio 14 has something for everyone.

Artec’s 3D scanning solutions are compatible with the leading CAD and CAM software applications, including SOLIDWORKS and Geomagic Design X. Ask our resellers about available bundles and how Artec’s professional 3D scanning solutions can dramatically enhance your design-to-manufacturing workflows today.

Looking forward to seeing you at TCT Show 2019 in Birmingham!

Where: Hall 3 & 3A, NEC Birmingham, UK

When: September 24 – September 26, 2019