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Artec 3D to participate in Global Industries Lyon 2019

| 9 Avenue Louis Blériot, 69680 Chassieu, France (Chassieu, France)

Eighty years ago, the French city of Lyon was labelled, “the world capital of gastronomy.” Thanks to that reputation, a long line of illustrious chefs, and the famous Beaujolais wine, the city and its region welcome legions of gourmets every year. But this time, 45,000 visitors from over 80 countries will converge on Lyon for an entirely different purpose: the Global Industrie Lyon 2019 show will take place from the 5th to the 8th of March and Artec 3D will also be there!

With 2,250 exhibitors, Global Industries is established as a major event in France. Its ambition is to bring together all the aspects of the industry, from the production plants to peripheral businesses. To get all the main actors together in the same place, the event regroups 4 industrial shows: MIDEST, Industries, Smart Industries, and Tolexpo.

Artec’s booth will be located in the Industries section, at stand 1E26. There you can meet experts in 3D technologies and get acquainted with Artec Eva, Artec Space Spider, and Artec Leo, three cutting-edge professional handheld 3D scanners.

Artec Eva is one of the most popular professional handheld 3D scanners on the market. It is lightweight, highly transportable, simple to use, and also remarkably precise, giving you excellent results every time. Eva is an essential tool for professionals across multiple industries - ranging from reverse-engineering to art and design - not only because of its remarkable value for money, but also due to its outstanding quality. To enjoy a truly autonomous workflow, Eva can be coupled with a portable battery pack. This way, you can scan everything, even in hard to access locations, while knowing that your results will be exemplary.

You will also be able to check out the Artec Space Spider, a 3D scanner with incredible accuracy. The Space Spider was developed to capture very precise objects, regardless of how complex and detailed they are. This blue light scanner is essential for high-end industries to capture data with metrological accuracy. If you need to scan bigger objects with some intricate parts, such as cars, the Space Spider can be combined with Eva to gather all the data the fastest way, without compromising on the end result. Every detail will be there.

Also available for demo at Artec’s booth will be Artec Leo, the latest revolution in handheld 3D scanning. Leo is more accurate, more powerful, and more autonomous than any other scanner in its category. This all-in-one device boasts its own internal 3D processor, a battery, an SSD memory disk, and even a touchscreen to preview your 3D object in real time, as you’re scanning it. Leo uses wireless technology to transfer data to a remote workstation, meaning you can choose to work without the trouble of handling cards and cords, while streamlining your workflow to the max. The UI has been designed to let anybody scan, even inexperienced users. The smart combination of speed, ease of use, and precision makes Artec Leo a brilliant solution for rapid prototyping, reverse-engineering, industrial design and manufacturing, and more!

The last scanner on display is Artec Ray, a unique long-range scanning device designed for large objects, such as boats and planes. This laser 3D scanner can operate a 360° rotation scan, allowing it to render the interior of a whole workshop, warehouse, or even a factory floor in minutes. With less scanning noise than any other scanner in its category, Ray guarantees remarkable results up to a distance of 110 meters from the object. Able to scan in both indoor and outdoor conditions with submillimeter precision, Ray offers the best 3D scanning solution for large scale industries, inspection, cultural heritage preservation, and many other fields.

Every Artec 3D scanner is compatible with the best CAD and CAM software, such as Geomagic Design X. Come by our booth to learn more about our bundles and find solutions to optimize your business with 3D scanning.

We look forward seeing you there!

Where: Stand 1E26, EUREXPO LYON, 9 Avenue Louis Blériot, 69680 Chassieu, France

When : 5-8 March 2019