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Senior Researcher and Editor

Matthew McMillion


As Senior Researcher and Editor at Artec 3D, Matthew McMillion writes about cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions and the brilliant people using them to change the world, scan after scan. Originally from Silicon Valley, Matthew’s experience in the tech industry began in a California software company in the early 1990s. Since then, he’s worked with thousands of partners and clients around the world, in companies and organizations of all sizes and spheres, from agriculture to zoology.

For the first decade of his career, Matthew built a foundation in software & hardware sales, business development, and training, before transitioning over to writing, editing, and teaching, where he’s been ever since.

In addition to being a published author, voice actor, and teacher of creative writing, Matthew is a voracious reader, and long ago lost track of the exact number of books across his shelves.

Creativity exists more in the searching than in the finding. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

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Case studies
Yorkshire Museum’s Ryedale Hoard

3D scanning Yorkshire Museum’s Ryedale Hoard with Artec Space Spider

When they needed to create historically-accurate, 3D reproductions of their priceless collection of Roman-era artifacts, the Yorkshire Museum's digital technology experts reached for their Artec Space Spider.

Case studies
Shape shifting birds

How Artec Space Spider helps measure the shape-shifting of birds in response to climate change

Researchers in Australia have been studying multiple species of birds in order to measure how their bodies have changed over the past century in response to global warming.

Case studies
Griffin Warrior

How 3D scanning helped reveal the face of the 3500-year-old Griffin Warrior

As part of an ongoing excavation sponsored by the University of Cincinnati, an acclaimed UK facial anthropologist was called upon to digitally reconstruct the skull of an ancient warrior and create a painstakingly accurate approximation of his face as it had appeared in real life.

Learning center
Structured light 3D scanning

How does structured-light 3D scanning work?

To truly understand how some of the world's best 3D scanners capture objects of all sizes and complexities, we first need to take a closer look at how structured light works.

Case studies
Sherrill Furniture cover image

How Sherrill Furniture supercharges their CGI workflow with Artec Leo

With thousands of unique furniture pieces from across the company’s nine brands lined up for digital transformation, the design team needed just the right scanner to complete their scan-to-CGI imaging pipeline – one that’s 100% portable, accurate to below a millimeter, and can capture furniture-size

Case studies
3D scanning a Luxembourg Air Rescue helicopter with Artec Leo & Ray

3D scanning a Luxembourg Air Rescue helicopter with Artec Leo & Ray

With Artec Leo’s portability and onscreen display, combined with Artec Ray’s wide scanning range, the aircraft was easily and accurately captured in its entirety, with a realistic 3D model processed and created in Artec Studio.