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Senior Researcher and Editor

Matthew McMillion


As Senior Researcher and Editor at Artec 3D, Matthew McMillion writes about cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions and the brilliant people using them to change the world, scan after scan. Originally from Silicon Valley, Matthew’s experience in the tech industry began in a California software company in the early 1990s. Since then, he’s worked with thousands of partners and clients around the world, in companies and organizations of all sizes and spheres, from agriculture to zoology.

For the first decade of his career, Matthew built a foundation in software & hardware sales, business development, and training, before transitioning over to writing, editing, and teaching, where he’s been ever since.

In addition to being a published author, voice actor, and teacher of creative writing, Matthew is a voracious reader, and long ago lost track of the exact number of books across his shelves.

Creativity exists more in the searching than in the finding. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

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Case studies
Renault classic cars

Transforming 123 years of classic Renault cars into 3D with Artec Leo & Ray

In order to win a highly competitive project, renowned French historical object and art digitalization specialist, Muséo 3D, needed a way to create incredibly lifelike virtual reproductions of dozens of French automaker Renault’s classic automobiles, some of which are more than a century old.

Case studies
Deer antlers

How Artec Leo helped preserve a set of treasured deer antlers in lifelike 3D

The Artec Leo made it fast and simple to scan the antlers from a variety of angles without any cables or laptop getting in the way.

Case studies
Forensic footwear

3D documentation of footwear impressions at crime scenes in minutes, no contact needed

In less than one minute, footwear impressions can be documented in 3D at crime scenes using the Artec Space Spider, with a level of accuracy superior to photogrammetry.

Case studies
Tasmanian seashells

Digitally preserving priceless Tasmanian seashells with Artec Micro

Facing the rising impacts of climate change, Pakana artist Dr. Andrew Gall used the Artec Micro to capture and 3D print (in liquid ceramic) Tasmanian seashells, a crucial part of his people’s heritage, thus preserving these precious cultural treasures for generations to come.

Case studies
Curtis Cabs

How Curtis Cabs turbocharges their reverse engineering with Artec Leo

The company’s design and engineering team reduced their scanning speed for one vehicle from 4-8 hours down to under an hour, and scan processing that used to take 2-3 days to complete per vehicle is now finished in less than one hour.

Case studies
Armoring vehicles

How Israel’s A.B. Engineering uses Artec Leo for custom vehicle armoring

With the quality of their work making the difference between life and serious injuries or even death for their clients, the firm searched for a 3D scanner that works fast and captures everything in precise submillimeter 3D.