Artec ScanApp beta

The best 3D scanning software for Mac users


The beta version of Artec ScanApp will be free to download and try out until January 10, 2021.

Make high quality 3D scans on a Mac
with Artec ScanApp — a first for 3D technology

Artec ScanApp is a brand new Mac OS application, which allows users, for the first time ever to capture 3D data with Artec Eva 3D scanner directly on a Mac. This 3D software, designed specifically for Mac OS, features a new, easy way to scan, as well as a clean, ergonomically designed interface, perfect for new Mac users and a breakthrough for 3D technology.
3D scans can be aligned directly in the program or exported for more advanced processing and editing on a Windows PC using Artec Studio, a smart and powerful 3D software, perfect for data modeling, design and more. The final model is compatible with a range of the most popular reverse engineering and 3D modeling programs, which makes it a perfect tool for creating new product designs in 3D.

Simple, easy scanning

Artec ScanApp presents Mac users with a simple and intuitive way to make digital 3D models which can serve as the basis for customizing existing products using 3D modeling and design software.

See scans being created in real time

As you scan your object, the data is processed automatically in front of your eyes. You can see which parts of the object’s surface have already been captured and where you should move the scanner next. Artec ScanApp ensures the same high quality of scanning in Mac OS that is available to Windows users scanning in Artec Studio.

New color prompter for correct 3D scanning

3D scanning with ScanApp is easy to pick up, thanks to the new color prompter. During scanning, the color of your 3D model tells you if you are holding your 3D scanner at the ideal distance from your object.
Green 3D model on Mac
When you are holding Artec Eva at the correct distance from your object, your 3D model will be green.
Orange 3D model on Mac
If you are holding the 3D scanner too close to your object, the area on your 3D model will turn orange/red.
Blue 3D model on Mac
If Artec Eva is too far from your object, you will see the color blue on your 3D model.
Time-saving auto-alignment

The scans produced by the 3D scanner are aligned automatically, eliminating the need for the user to go over each scan and assemble them manually. This reduces the time needed for alignment from minutes to seconds.

Super-realistic rendering

In ScanApp the geometry and texture of an object’s 3D image are rendered exactly as they are in real life, with smooth and clearly outlined shapes, high definition geometry and natural colors.

Two options for raw data export

Export raw data as multiple scans for further processing in Artec Studio, or save the data as a 3D model. Artec Studio gives you the flexibility of enhancing and modifying your 3D model to meet your exact application requirements.

Split your workflow

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