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Winter Fun with Kinect contest

The world is in 3D, so we want to capture it that way. Our team invented 3D face recognition technology and created a real-time handheld professional 3D scanner. And we’re always thinking about ways to make our technology more affordable and a little more fun.

Having celebrated Christmas and New Year, we'd thought why can't we extend those festive feelings and ask the most creative folks out there to do something extraordinary.Today we’re announcing Winter Fun with Kinect contest inviting the Kinect owners around the world to create their own 3d models with our free fabulous Artec Studio 3D software, designed specifically for Kinect, ASUS Xtion, Primesense sensors or our Eva 3D scanner. The main theme for scanned objects is winter. Snowmen, Santa and his elves, Xmas trees - think of winter to get inspired.

The top three winning authors will recieve up to $1000 cash prizes. The proud owners of Eva, our flagship 3D scanner for pros are welcome to take part as well.We open up a public vote for submissions, so get your folks to like your 3D model.Participating is easier than ever. You can download Artec Studio, 3D scan the object and submit it to ViewShape. All entries must be received by February, 28th 2013.

Take your Kinect for a scan!

Our contest has be extended till March, 14th. Don't miss the chance to win!