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What it feels like to be scanned in Shapify Booth

So we’ve seen the launches of two Shapify Booths in two U.S. locations, Freehold, NJ and Portland, OR, in April and May, and it’s high time to check out how they’re doing. There’s probably no better way to do it than to take a look at some video reports showing the booths at work and customers’ reactions.

Let’s start with the NBC report from Portland’s Washington Square Mall, with shoppers sharing why they decided to make a shapie, how accurate their 3D images are and just what they think about shapifying.

And now let’s move to Freehold, NJ and see what Rohan Mohanty, a tech geek from the local My9 TV channel, had to say after putting the Shapify Booth to the test.

Last one from Portland is a Fox 12 Oregon report, focusing on all different occasions for which you can make a shapie. This one can be watched on the channel's website.

All that’s left now is seeing Shapify Booth in person! Check out www.shapify.me for the list of Shapify Booth points across the world and for our events schedule.