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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Discounts on Artec Eva Lite 3D scanner and upgrade to Artec Studio 11

Leading manufacturer of 3D scanners, Artec 3D offers new deals for businesses and users with a limited budget, facilitating easy introduction to the world of 3D scanning.

Artec Eva Lite: Color-free 3D scans in high quality

Eva Lite is an affordable entry-level version of the handheld white-light 3D scanner, Artec Eva. It features the same accuracy specs, but with reduced functionality such as geometry only tracking and data capture, not color. An object therefore needs to have rich geometry for a 3D scan, such as the human body. The new offer makes Eva Lite a great option for clinics with a limited budget or anyone interested in purchasing a professional yet affordable 3D scanner. If the user wants to get the full functionality and usability of their 3D scanner at a later point, they can easily upgrade to Eva on the Artec 3D website.

Artec Eva Lite available to educational institutions as part of new price package

The new educational package makes it easier than ever for schools and universities to provide students with professional 3D scanners. The price offer for educational institutions encompasses Eva Lite and 20 licenses of the Artec Studio 11 software. Users will also receive a two year warranty on the scanner and two years of free software upgrades to ensure access to the latest versions and features of Artec Studio, when released. From November 15 on, the package is available not only for use in classrooms, but for any kind of academic work. In order to receive the package, users must agree to publicly share a description of how the scanners are being used on the school or university website to highlight the capabilities of Artec’s technology.

Artec Studio 11: Reduced prices for upgrading to software with a range of automated features

Artec 3D introduced the new Artec Studio 11 3D object software in June 2016, boasting many automatized features, such as the Autopilot data processing mode, which enables even beginners to create high-quality 3D models. The 3D modeling software leads you through data processing by asking a few simple questions about the characteristics of the object scanned and the required type of 3D model. Artec Studio 11 automatically deletes unnecessary data, aligns scans and chooses the most efficient 3D algorithms to fuse them – all with just one mouse click. The result is a highly precise 3D model of the same quality as if created by an experienced user. In addition, the software can accurately remove the base an object was scanned on, such as the floor or rotating table. This function is particularly useful for larger projects as it can save up to 30 minutes of processing time.