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Shapify Booth in The Times

3D scanning and printing technologies are becoming a focus of interest of an increasing number of publications, and one of the longest-running British newspapers, The Times, is no exception. The latest issue of an insert by the Raconteur Media publishing house in The Times features a special report about the Shapify Booth, Artec’s automatic full-body scanning solution.

The story is part of Raconteur’s in-depth report about 3D printing, which focuses on the impact of additive manufacturing on product personalization, prototyping, supply chains, the creative industries and the consumer market, as well as intellectual property rights.

Starting with a detailed description of the process of creating a 3D-printed figurine, a shapie, and suggesting a few shapie ideas, the story goes on to take a look at the possibilities of the Shapify technology as a scalable business model.

“If you own a venue or can rent space in one Shapify Booths will generate income, in a similar way to vending machines,” the story says. “Perfect for anywhere with a large footfall – shopping centres, airports, train stations, sports stadiums, theme parks – Shapify Booths offer something new for your existing customers and ensure they make return visits (to pick up their 3D figures), as well as attract new people to your venue.”

If you’ve decided to start a shapie business, you can choose between two models – either buy a Shapify Booth or rent it. The booth requires no special skills to operate and is easy to install and relocate, if you plan to use it at multiple venues. Artec provides comprehensive support to its customers and is ready to assist should any questions arise.

3D selfies are a new fun trend that can be translated into a profitable business with Shapify, the most affordable 3D selfie making machine in the market. Artec is doing its best to help you start making money with Shapify and maximize your profits.

As originally seen in ‘THE 3D SHAPIE: A GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY’ published by Raconteur Media on December 11, 2014 in The Times.