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Scanning Denmark’s finance minister with Eva

Our partners from Copenhagen, 3D Printhuset, have made a shapie of yet another minister of the Danish Cabinet, Bjarne Corydon.

3D selfie making is getting trendier and trendier, especially now that President Obama is in on the game. It was just last October that we wrote about the Danish Education and Science Minister, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, being presented with her shapie at the grand opening of a 3D tech showroom, 3D Printhuset (3D Printing House in Danish), in Copenhagen.

Denmark’s Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon followed suit, getting scanned by the 3D Printhuset team in early January. Both ministers were scanned with Artec Eva, and Corydon’s scanning session was even filmed. Here’s how it went:

The video was posted on the Facebook page of the Danish Finance Ministry, scoring more views than any other status of theirs!

Corydon received his figurine at a conference sponsored by ‘Engineer the Future’, an alliance of forward-thinking experts and engineers promoting the use of high technology and innovation in the Danish economy.

“You should remember to hold your belly in to get the best result,” a Danish news portal ugeavisen.dk cited Corydon as saying.

Courtesy of ugeavisen.dk.

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