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Asda starts roll out of Artec Shapify Booth at supercenters across UK

Asda customers at stores across the UK are offered a chance to create their 3D printed figurines using Artec’s Shapify 3D selfie technology.

Artec Group is excited to announce the start of the roll out of Artec Shapify Booth, the world’s first high speed 3D full body scanner, at Asda Supercenters across the UK.

Following a successful pilot run in June, the first stores to feature the 3D scanning booth on a permanent basis are Trafford Park, Manchester, and Huyton, Liverpool, which are available for customers to use from today, November 3. Over the course of November, eight more booths will be set up at York, Cardiff, Swindon Haydon, Havant, Edinburgh, Coventry, Milton Keynes and Watford.

Artec Shapify Booth is brand new 3D selfie technology that automatically creates a 3D printable model of a person within just a few minutes. The booth employs four wide-view high-resolution scanners fixed to a rotating rig that take 12 seconds to scan the body of a person. The scanned surfaces are then automatically fused into a 3D model, which is an exact replica of the person. The model is then sent to the Asda 3D technology center to be printed out on a 3D printer. The full-color figurine can be picked up from the store 21 days later.

Shoppers are encouraged to bring their friends and family along to be scanned together, as a 21st century version of the family photograph. A 6-inch-tall figurine of a child costs only £49 and a 7-inch-tall figurine of an adult is worth £59. Figurines of two children or of a mother and a baby are priced at £95, and those of two adults or of one adult and one child at £115.

Scanning appointments are made online at http://www.asda-photo.co.uk/bookings/1-3d-full-body-scan.

Phil Stout, Asda Innovation Manager – Asda is fast becoming, not just a retailer but, a technology company and this innovation is another example of how we’re leading the way on in store consumer facing technology. We’ve been working with Artec technology for a while now and we’re delighted to be the first company in the world able to offer our customers this unique service.

Artem Yukhin, Artec Group President and CEO – We at Artec are excited to partner with Asda and make Shapify, our 3D photo technology, easily available to everyone. Artec is known for providing 3D scanning solutions to professionals such as doctors, scientists, engineers, and designers. Now we are going further, bringing 3D photos into reach of the general public. We feel the same excitement and thrill that the early inventors must have felt at the start of the photography boom in the 19th century.

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