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Artec’s Partner Meeting

During the last week of May, Artec held its first annual Partner Meeting in Luxembourg and we are proud to say, the event was a big success. The purpose of this meeting was to gather as many of our partners in one room as possible and talk. We wanted to talk about our past, our present, but most importantly about the future. All of our international distributors and OEM partners were invited to take part.

The event took place at the Luxembourg Hilton which is located just 100 meters from Artec’s EU office in Luxembourg. Artyom Yukhin, Artec’s President and co-owner welcomed the participants and outlined the purpose of the meeting. Sergey Suhovey, Artec’s Chief Business Development Officer and co-owner, presented the company’s future plans for growth. These include the introduction of new marketing initiatives, plans to stimulate growth, as well as other projects due to be rolled out within the next 12 months.

Gleb Gusev, Artec’s Chief Technology Officer, as well as co-owner, presented on what hardware and software innovations our R&D department is working on. One of the things he talked about was an algorithm that is going to be included in Artec Studio 0.7.1 due to be released in the summer of 2011. This algorithm was in development for more than a year and will substantially decrease the time it will take to post-process large data sets. Gleb gave an example of a data set that previously took 1.5 hours to post-process (a scan of a very large statue from a museum), would now take 10 minutes! At this point, a smile came across the faces of all the techies in the room.

The partners also got a sneak peek of the soon-to-be completed collaboration project between Artec and RevXperts, a German manufacturer of an affordable CMM tracker. Aside from presentations and trainings, there was plenty of time to talk. A lot of time was allocated for Q&A, as well as coffee breaks during which partners could share experiences, play with the latest iPhone app developed and released by Artec, and get one-on-one attention from Artec employees.

All of this business talk was diluted by an evening walking tour of Luxembourg, as well as a lovely meal at a central Luxembourgian restaurant. The weather was beautiful and by the late evening, many people came outside, to have their after-dinner coffee on the veranda. Half of the world was sitting around one table. It was a perfect ending to a great day.

We thank all of our partners who could come and hope to see everyone at next year’s gathering.

— Artec Team

Werner Lenz from RSI (Artec's authorized reseller in Germany) checking out the stereoscopic feature in Artec Studio 0.7 through 3D glasses.


Edwin Rappard from Creative CAD CAM Consultants (Artec's authorized reseller in the Netherlands) presenting a case study.