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Artec welcomes brilliant minds of the future

Recently the offices of the company Artec were visited by a rather unusual group. Children? No, it would be difficult to call them children, since their heads are occupied with thoughts and ideas that not every adult‘s brain could accommodate. Students of the ”Logos” educational center – not an ordinary school - came to become acquainted with the technologies and traditions of Artec. Logos is a place where future top-flight specialists in physics and mathematics are trained. The fundamental working principles of the center were formed based on many years of practical experience with gifted children.

The Artec team, in turn, supported the initiative of the organizers of the center and greeted the students as potential colleagues. Judging by the attentive faces in the audience during discussions of the scanning technologies and principles involved in working with our devices, and by the active questioning by the students, it is clear that the main goal of the meeting was attained – the students were intrigued by the activity of the company. And who knows, perhaps in the future one of them will come up with an absolutely new algorithm or will invent a new principle of scanning.

The students got to know the life of the company from within, and even practiced scanning. Moreover, upon leaving each young genius took with him a flash drive containing a 3D copy of himself produced by Artec staff. The 3D portraits of the students can be seen in the gallery of the company’s web site.

The students were satisfied with the trip and returned to their studies inspired by what they saw, with new ideas and a desire to implement them.

In the future, Artec is considering continuing contact with “Logos” and other educational centers. After all, it is there, in the favorable and creative environment of youth, that the birth of the Teslas and Einsteins of the 21st century is taking place!