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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Working from home? You might need a license for that.

At Artec 3D, everyone who can work from home is working from home. And we know this is the case for many of you, too. While we hope your new work station provides all it can so your businesses and education can continue without disruption, we know there are some things that can’t be easily recreated at home – and we’re not just talking about your office coffee machine.

To help you replicate your office or school desk as closely as possible for the foreseeable future, we’re offering an extra Artec Studio WFH license to anyone who has an existing Artec Studio Professional license. This means even if you were using a shared license at work or school, you can now continue to use Artec Studio on your home computer as you complete existing work or start a new project.

If you have an Artec Studio Professional lifetime version, or if you have a subscription that will remain active for at least the next five months, you are entitled to a temporary and fully functional WFH license which will stay active for 90 days. You can request this temporary subscription from now through May 31, 2020.

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, either. You can join in on one of our tutorials, download 3D scan data from our website, and keep practicing 3D data processing – just like you would have from your place of work or institutions of learning.

If this sounds like just what you need, write to sales@artec3d.com or ask your reseller for more information.

We look forward to seeing what you’re working on, from wherever you are!