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Artec Studio 8.0 – What it’s all about!

We have spread the word and - … received a lot of questions! The most anticipated new software release Artec Studio 8.0 is within your reach and will be available soon! Here come three of a bunch of exciting new features that will bring your 3D scanning to a whole new level!

Scan easier. Scan more.

Scan objects of different shapes and sizes! Unlike other handheld scanners that require you to place a lot of markers onto objects, Artec scanners make use of the objects’ features themselves.

The new feature tracker (for MHT scanners) uses both shape and texture information from the object to align surfaces in real time. If the object doesn’t offer enough texture data, but is rich in geometry - like a white sculpture, for example - the tracker uses unique geometrical features. In case the object has few geometrical features or is flat - say a wall or a table - the tracker aligns incoming frames with the help of color info it finds on the surface.

That means that whether you are scanning a geometry-poor object or a colorless object, you always receive great results!

By default, the tracker uses both – shape and texture features. In those rare cases when the object is neither rich in geometry, nor offers texture info, the tracker asks for your help. How can you help him? By adding simple elements to the “featureless” area of the object you give hints to the tracker: like drawing little Xs on the object itself or the area around it.

This way, you can scan a great variety of objects – easy and fast!

One button for all processing

We don’t want you to waste your time thinking about what needs to be done to get a clear 3D model.

So this is why with Artec Studio 8.0 we introduce one button for all post-processing! After scanning, you are only a click away from exporting your results.

This makes life easier for new users, as they are able to press “Go” and run the recommended, default post-processing sequence. Advanced users can customize the list of tools and enter their preferred parameters. The program will remember these settings, making all subsequent post-processing remarkably simple.

Press "Go" and get the desired result – no need to be a technician to use Artec scanners!

Stay updated

Receive the latest product and software updates automatically to your computer! Create your personal Artec account and activate your scanners online to never miss future updates, as they will come directly to you!

Artec Studio 8.0 – Scan easier. Scan more. Coming soon!