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Artec scans fully body-painted model

In military combat scenarios, it is usual for soldiers to paint their faces in natural colors for camouflage reasons. The fully body-painted model at the Forma Tool fair in Slovenia, certainly wasn’t looking to hide herself. Being captured with an Artec MHT, she was the centre of attention.

IB-PROCADD, Artec’s authorized partner in Slovenia, was showcasing the MHT scanner at Forma Tool, an international fair featuring tools, tool making and tooling machines.

On average full body painting takes about two and a half hours with no limits for creativity. Its scanning process lasted no longer than 3 minutes, though.

To seize the beauty of the artwork and to demonstrate Artec’s innovative scanning technologies, IB-PROCADD used an MHT, who not only acquires geometrical 3D data of the object, but also its texture. This type of scanner captures brilliant color up to 24 bits per pixel. Its results can compete with images shot with a modern video camera.

It takes 3 minutes to fully scan a human body with an MHT, be it painted or not. Thanks to real time scanning, incoming 3D frames are aligned into a coherent model while recording. So that the audience could see the model being constructed as the scanner moved along the body.

Watch the video below to see how the Artec’s MHT performed at the Forma Tool 2011 in Slovenia: