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Artec and RevXperts present RevX FreeScan™

Garching/Luxembourg, 13th February 2012

Artec Group and RevXperts GmbH jointly work in the field of 3D scanning and measuring for industrial engineering. Their cooperation has recently led to a new product called RevX FreeScan™. This device facilitates quick 3D scanning of large surfaces. It composed of a handheld scanner, developed by Artec Group and an infrared tracker from RevXperts GmbH.

When asked, Sergey Suhovey, Chief Business Development Officer at Artec, explained: “The handheld scanner is versatile, allowing you to capture all sides of an object. It sends infrared signals to the tracker with information about its position.” The software that comes with RevX FreeScan™ automatically builds a 3D model of the scanned object. The model can be saved in a number of industry-known formats (STL, OBJ, PLY, WRML) and then exported into other software applications for further processing. “You don’t need an engineering degree to use RevX FreeScan™”, assures Mr. Suhovey, “you can take the scanner in hand and walk around the object scanning it. Then you are only a few clicks away from your 3D model. This product finally solves the age-old industry problem – how to scan a car, for instance, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.”

Volker Huth, Managing Director at RevXperts GmbH about the product: “RevX FreeScan™ is the only system allowing effortless and quick scanning of large shapes in 3D. Before, it was difficult to accurately capture large objects like a car or a motorboat. With RevX FreeScan™ we offer a product that is easy to handle with automated functions and excellent results at a reasonable price. Many applications such as design, prototyping, reverse engineering and inspection will benefit from its efficiency and lower cost compared to existing systems.”

About Artec Group

Artec Group develops and manufactures innovative 3D solutions and products. The company, headquartered in Luxembourg, consists of a team of high-calibre specialists who have been working together for more than 10 years, and who are seen as leading experts in the sphere of capturing/processing of 3D surfaces, as well as face recognition. Its products and services find application within the spheres of medicine, media and design, fashion, heritage preservation and industrial engineering. For more information visit www.artec3d.com.

About RevXperts GmbH

RevXperts GmbH, located in the Business Campus Garching (Munich), is one of the leading suppliers of infrared tracking systems (IR-Trackers) for industrial applications. Their mobile systems consist of IR sensors and IR-tracking systems that are extended by in-house probes and scanner units. These probes can be used as free moveable handhelds or can be adapted to industrial robots to perform series of measurements. Especially the integration of IR Trackers with robots allows innovative and efficient solutions for robot programming and automated measurements. Their focus markets are quality control, automation and medical systems.