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Artec 3D teams up with Mirror Image 3D to bring 3D selfies to the Garden State

Palo Alto, CA. April 8, 2015 – Artec 3D, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D software and hardware, and Mirror Image 3D today announce the installation of Artec’s Shapify Booth, at the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ. Now when heading to the mall, any shopper can have a full body scan in just 12 seconds after stepping into the Shapify Booth. The resulting digital model is then 3D printed to create a full-color figure called a “shapie.”


Freehold Raceway Mall shoppers will be able to capture life’s most cherished occasions like graduation, marriage and pregnancy in vibrant detail and high quality while also creating a timeless keepsake. Not only is the process quick and easy, but it also gives shoppers the chance to experience 3D technology and create a personalized, 3D-printed memento. Unlike photographs, which are a constant presence on desktops, mantles and walls, shapies offer a unique and truly memorable way to celebrate and share life’s special moments.

“The growing popularity of 3D technologies is undeniable,” said Tom Kaps of Mirror Image 3D. “Customers want to experience it firsthand but in a way that’s easy, fun and affordable. The Shapify Booth is making this possible, and it’s our hope to bring this technology to locations throughout the country and beyond so everyone can take their selfies to the next dimension.”

When customers step inside the booth, four wide-view, high-resolution Artec scanners rotate around the person to capture them from all angles. These high-precision scanners, used in the aerospace, media and manufacturing fields, are able to capture even the smallest details, down to the wrinkles on a shirt. Artec’s sophisticated software then automatically stitches together the hundreds of generated images to create a full-body 3D image file ready for 3D printing. The printed figurine will be ready for pick up on a customer’s next shopping trip or can be shipped directly to their home.

“We are thrilled to announce another retail location for the Shapify Booth now with Mirror Image 3D at the Freehold Raceway Mall,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “Our technology has helped people all over the world capture and forever-remember loved ones, places and moments in ways unimaginable just a few short years ago. We’re excited to continue to bring our 3D technology to more users and public locations.”

The Shapify Booth is set to launch on April 8 at the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ. To learn more about the Shapify Booth, visit: mirrorimage3d.com.

About Artec 3D

Artec 3D is a leading manufacturer of professional 3D scanning hardware and software, developed by a strong team of experts in the collection and processing of 3D surfaces and in biometric facial recognition. Fast and efficient, Artec scanners are used in a great deal of industries, including engineering, security, medicine, entertainment, design, fashion, heritage conservation, and many more.

In 2013, Artec launched an automated full-body 3D scanning system, Shapify, which has made 3D portraits, called “shapies,” easily available and affordable to millions of people across the world. The company has subsidiaries in the U.S. (Palo Alto), Russia (Moscow) and Luxembourg.

For more information about Artec 3D and Shapify please visit https://www.artec3d.com and https://shapify.me.

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