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Artec 3D and Geomagic solutions at South Carolina Aerospace Conference and Expo

| Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, South Carolina, United States (Columbia, SC, United States)

Explore the best 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality control solutions for aerospace at the dedicated event, the South Carolina Aerospace Conference and Expo. Designed to connect industry leaders, research institutes and government agencies, the SC Aerospace Conference and Expo showcases the growing aerospace cluster in South Carolina. The highlight of the event will be the ACE’17 technical symposium, where the industry and academia will present their research and innovation. This year the topics of the symposium include Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Automation and Robotics, Design of Composite Structural Parts, and more.

The tradeshow floor will feature 50+ exhibitors, including Artec’s Gold Partner Digitize Designs. The team will do live demos of Artec Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners, Artec Studio 12 3D scanning and processing software, and a range of Geomagic products. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to make accurate 3D models of real-world objects with Artec’s solutions, export them to a CAD environment using the Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin, modify the models in Geomagic Design X reverse engineering program, and inspect them in the Geomagic Control X metrology application.

3D scanning has become a vital part of the aerospace industry. Take preparations for space exploration missions. With Artec Eva and Space Spider, engineers at NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab 3D scan tools and other assets that are used in space in order to place their 3D models in the new, revolutionary hybrid reality environment, where you not only see and move objects but also get tactile feedback when interacting with them, which gives you a much stronger and better sense of immersion. This technology was introduced to enhance training for future astronauts.

How else can 3D scanning benefit research and businesses in the aerospace sector? The Digitize Designs team will be at the tradeshow to answer this question and any other questions you may have about the technology and its applications.

Where: Booth 37, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, South Carolina, United States

When: August 30