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Artec Leo to be showcased at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 in Brisbane, Australia

| Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane, Australia)

Asia’s largest computer graphics event, SIGGRAPH Asia, is taking place in Brisbane, Australia this year, and is already shaping up to be an unmissable experience. For artists as well as scientists and many others, SIGGRAPH has been a forum and well of inspiration, a place where experts and beginners alike can gather and share wisdom, ideas, and opinions on all things computer graphics, visual effects, interactivity, and more. With an expected attendance of more than 6000, this year’s event will see some of the world’s brightest minds gathered together from far and wide. On hand will be exhibitors from more than 20 countries, including Adobe, Industrial Light & Magic, PIXAR, and others, all showcasing their hottest, industry-transforming technologies.

Also exhibiting at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 is Artec Certified Reseller Thinglab, specialists in 3D scanning, 3D printing, and 3D design. The professionals at Thinglab have a wealth of experience selling, supporting, and working with 3D technologies throughout Australia and abroad. As specialists focused on Artec 3D scanners, Thinglab takes great pride in sitting down shoulder to shoulder with clients, whether in science or education, business or manufacturing, or elsewhere, and coming to understand how best to meet their 3D scanning needs, and then successfully doing it! Time and time again, Thinglab has seen Artec 3D scanning solutions dramatically improve their clients’ workflows, for CGI, science, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and much more.

Thinglab will be highlighting Artec’s hot new professional 3D scanner, the Artec Leo. A truly revolutionary 3D scanner, Leo has been a real game changer across industry after industry, including CGI, automotive (reverse engineering), manufacturing, healthcare, archaeology, and many others. Leo gives you a 100% cable-free scanning experience, with a high frame capture rate, letting you scan in broad daylight and utter darkness, or anything between.

With such freedom, Leo is ready to get up and go wherever your scanning project is, whenever you need to go. Packed full of intuitive and powerful features, Leo was made for scanning pros yet is easy enough for any beginner to pick up and start using in just a few minutes. Come take a look for yourself at Thinglab’s booth, and you'll see exactly what Leo is all about. With Leo’s built-in touchscreen, you can watch the scan of your object appear in real time, and then simply rotate and zoom in on your scan to check that your coverage is 100%. It’s that easy. Check it out for yourself and you’ll see what the experts have been buzzing about from east to west.

When you’re at the booth, you’ll want to take a look at Artec’s 3D scanning and post-processing software, Artec Studio 14. Industry-acclaimed for its power and ease of use, with a range of dynamic 3D modeling tools, working with your 3D scans has never been easier. Also be sure to ask Thinglab about special educational discounts for schools, universities, and research institutes.

See you at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019!

Where: Booth B-07, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Brisbane, Australia

When: 17 – 20 November 2019, 9:00 - 18:00 daily