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Come see Artec 3D’s scanning solutions at Middle East RoTIC 2019 in Dubai, UAE

| Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Middle East RoTIC 2019 will bring together technical experts from across the world to focus on a spectrum of topics related to the many facets of Rotating Machinery and to network with fellow industry professionals. An outstanding forum for exchanging knowledge and best practices from leading regional and international companies, this event is a must attend for machinery experts around the Middle East and beyond.

Some of the industries in focus, with experts planning to attend, include Oil & Gas Production, Power Generation, Aviation, and others. In addition to the latest technologies & innovations being on display, discussions will be held regarding equipment design, reverse engineering, quality inspection, sustainable outcomes in industry, etc.

Artec Certified Reseller 3D Middle East will be at the conference, demonstrating Artec 3D scanners and showing how they can be used for a variety of crucial tasks. 3D Middle East has years of in-depth experience in the 3D scanning and 3D printing fields. With a special focus on oil and gas, construction, and other industries, 3D Middle East is the region's go-to solutions provider when it comes to creating and streamlining state-of-the-art 3D workflows.

Artec 3D scanners have a lengthy and successful history in a variety of industrial applications, whether for reverse engineering, quality inspection, custom auto design, or many other applications.

The latest Artec scanner to be demonstrated at the conference will be the Artec Leo. With a remarkable ergonomic design, as well as its much-talked-about ease of use and state-of-the-art features, Leo has been taking the 3D scanning world by storm. A fully cable-free scanner, with no computer needed while scanning, Leo lets you scan anywhere you need to go, and with its inbuilt touchscreen, you can see your scans appearing in real time, even zooming in close to examine all the details of your scan, ensuring that you have full coverage of every object you’re scanning. Leo is ready for whatever application you have in mind, from archaeology to zoology, and countless uses in between.

3D Middle East will also be showing the ultra-precise Artec Space Spider. A 3D scanner known by industry experts for its outstanding abilities to scan small details and fine geometries, Space Spider fits comfortably in the hand, is lightweight, and captures a full spectrum of shapes and surfaces, including such usually-challenging objects with thin edges and dark surfaces. Space Spider has seen widespread use in reverse engineering, forensics, rapid prototyping, and a range of other applications in oil & gas, aerospace, science and education, and more.

For years now, one of the most popular 3D scanners among 3D specialists worldwide has been the Artec Eva. Comfortable and easy to use, Eva has been a favorite across dozens of industries. With remarkable color 3D accuracy, Eva delivers high resolution scans quickly, with a minimum of user training needed. Virtually any medium-sized object can be scanned with Eva, from equipment and machinery of all shapes and types to human anatomy, car interiors/exteriors, even ancient post-Viking-era ships.

A long-range 3D scanning solution to be featured at the conference is the Artec Ray. This tripod-mounted 3D laser scanner lets you easily scan large objects such as forensics scenes, trucks, trains, planes, and even buildings from as far away as 110m. With a straightforward set up and comfortable transport weight, this expert LIDAR solution can be used with portable batteries, allowing you to take this powerful 3D scanner to any location you choose. Artec Ray quickly captures vast amounts of 3D data and is an ideal choice for inspection, construction, and reverse engineering of large objects.

When you visit and speak with 3D Middle East, be sure to ask them about Artec Studio 14, the company’s latest scanning and post-processing software. Packed full of smart features and tools, together with its intuitive interface, Artec Studio lets you work faster and easier than ever before. The software’s advanced 3D modeling tools have been the talk of the industry, giving you the power to smoothly process and export your scans in a variety of formats, including to the most popular CAD applications.

Looking forward to seeing you at Middle East RoTIC 2019 in Dubai!

Where: Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When: 15th - 17th October 2019