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Artec’s German partners to showcase best 3D scanning solutions at RapidTech

| Messe Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany (Erfurt, Germany)

Europe’s leading event for additive manufacturing, RapidTech 2017 will feature three distributors of Artec 3D scanning solutions: algona GmbH, KLIB and Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG. Go-to sources on using Artec scanners for CAD&CAM, medicine and quality inspection, our partners will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Artec products and show you how to make high-quality 3D scans with speed and precision.

The use of Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners in combination with the latest version of the comprehensive 3D scanning and post-processing software Artec Studio 12 allows you to effectively 3D digitize objects with simple and complex geometry, make ready-for-print 3D models, and export 3D mesh models to reverse engineering and CAD applications.

With a total of 28 new features introduced in the current build of Artec Studio, manual data processing has become significantly easier and faster. For instance, previously the most time-consuming post-processing operation Global Registration, during which all 3D scan frames are converted into a single coordinate system, now works up to 10 times faster. Artec’s tests have shown that for a regular industrial object, such as a compressor, this operation can be completed within 1 minute in AS 12, compared to 9 minutes in previous builds.

You can choose to process the data automatically in Autopilot mode. In this case, the program will ask you a few simple questions about the object and the type of 3D model you’d like to receive. Then it will choose the optimal algorithms and settings to build one.

At RapidTech Artec’s partners will show you how to work in both manual and Autopilot modes and how to achieve the best results with Artec.

Where: algona GmbH (Booth 300), KLIB (Booth 808, Hall 2), Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG (Booth number 813 A-C, Hall 2), Messe Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany

When: June 20-22