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Explore the world’s largest mining event with Artec 3D

| Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, United States)

What: MINExpo 2021
When: September 13 to 15, 2021
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 24502

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – but not this time. Starting September 13, you’re free to tell everyone about it as you, over three days, catch a world exclusive from leading manufacturers and suppliers in mining at MINExpo International in Las Vegas.

MINExpo will display the industry’s best in 11 halls while connecting thousands of professionals in person as themes like exploration, mine development, open pit and underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement, and even more, are covered. Solving any operational challenge in mining will be a breeze with the help of innovative solutions, among which you are sure to find Artec 3D’s portable scanners. Showcased by Artec Gold-Certified Ambassador Rapid Scan 3D, a complete line of powerful 3D scanners will be there for you to explore.

First up on display is the totally wireless Artec Leo, widely used in the mining industry. With its onboard processing and built-in touchscreen that allows you to preview your 3D model while scanning and save you a lot of time, Leo brings amazing speed and mobility to any project.

Alongside another award-winning scanner, Artec Eva, Leo takes full advantage of the new AI-powered HD Mode for ultra-sharp scans. In its turn, Eva offers all the versatility and ease-of-use you might need to streamline your workflow. This industry-standard handheld 3D scanner creates scans in gorgeous color and high 3D resolution.

For scanning smaller objects, Artec Space Spider and Artec Micro will be your scanner of choice. Artec Space Spider is based on blue-light technology, and is best used to accurately capture intricate geometry, sharp edges, and thin ribs. Artec Micro is a fully automated desktop 3D scanner perfect for the tiniest pieces of machinery. It scans with a point of accuracy up to 10 microns, and helps you find the best scanning path in seconds – the second you click to start.

Let’s not forget the heavy artillery (which is surprisingly easy to use) Artec Ray – a long-range laser 3D scanner that comes to the rescue whenever you need to scan a very large object. Able to capture data up to 110 meters away, Ray can scan with submillimeter precision and reduces noise levels to bare minimum.

Apart from giving you a chance to get to know all this brilliant technology, MINExpo will truly help you reunite with the industry in the face of 1,100 exhibitors from 30 countries, so go ahead and register. See you there!