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Precision 3D scanning for healthcare at Medicare Taiwan

| Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan)

Artec’s Certified Partner General Integration Technology, Ltd will be demoing the capabilities of Artec 3D scanning solutions at the Taiwan International Medical and Healthcare Exhibition Medicare Taiwan 2017. The upcoming 6th edition of the show expects to host 300 exhibitors and over 60,000 visitors.

Artec Eva and Space Spider handheld scanners are used for a variety of tasks from designing prosthetics to tracking displacements of facial soft tissues. Renowned for quick, seamless and accurate 3D data capture, Artec 3D scanners are revolutionizing the healthcare world by simplifying what was once complex clinical processes, reducing margins of error in biometrical analyses, and assisting in furthering medical research.

The software used together with the scanners, Artec Studio 12, which was released in April 2017, offers unparalleled experience in terms of speed, navigation and the quality of visualization of 3D models. Some of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive operations have been streamlined to save you time, RAM and disk space.

The 3D mesh models created in Artec Studio can be exported to a variety of popular reverse engineering applications and be turned into solid models suitable for designing customized implants. The superb accuracy of Artec 3D scanning solutions makes them reliable tools for taking metrology-grade measurements.

The introduction of 3D scanning and reverse engineering has opened up exciting opportunities for a number of applications, in particular plastic surgery. Learn more about the benefits of 3D scanning in healthcare on the stand of our partner General Integration Technology, Ltd.

Where: Stand A0912, Exhibition Hall 1F, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

When: June 15-18