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State-of-the-art 3D scanners for manufacturing industries at MECSPE 2017

| Parma Fairground, Parma, Italy (Parma, Italy)

At the end of March, Artec will be presenting brand-new scanning solutions together with our Italian partners 3DZ Group at the region’s major industrial trade show MECSPE 2017.

Divided in 11 thematic halls, MECSPE will offer visitors a complete overview of materials, machines and processing technologies, covering all stages of production, from concepts to end products.

Attendees will have a great opportunity to try out Artec Leo, a new-generation metrological 3D scanner that can process data onboard. With Leo, you don’t need to use a tablet or laptop to collect data from the scanner – this device has a touchscreen which allows you to see your scans being built in real time.

No need to use an external power source – Leo is powered by its own internal battery. This scanner also boasts an incredible speed of data capture (up to 80 frames per second) and the field of view larger than any other Artec scanners have, which expedites scanning dramatically.

Leo’s smart software can produce ready-for-print 3D models onboard, or you can transfer the data to your computer via an SD card, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection and treat it the way you need.

The scanner’s 3D resolution of 0.25 mm and 3D point accuracy of 0.1 mm ensure great quality of scans and unlimited application prospects. It can be used to scan vehicles for reverse engineering, check measurements of mass produced items at manufacturing facilities, modernize existing systems and modules in CAD software and more.

Come to our stand to see for yourself how mighty Artec Leo is. In addition to Leo, we’ll be showcasing the latest in automated scanning – RoboticScan, which is a setup consisting of a UR3 robotic arm and Artec Space Spider scanner mounted to it. Place an object on the system’s rotating table and watch the arm move the scanner around it to capture every detail of its surface. RoboticScan’s software analyzes the collected data on the go to plot the best trajectory for the scanner. This solution is a godsend for e-commerce businesses as it allows them to create online catalogues of products in 3D in minimum time.

Part of RoboticScan, Artec Space Spider can also be used as a handheld device, capable of capturing the complex geometry of small objects with the superb 0.05 mm 3D point accuracy. For larger objects, you can use Artec’s best-selling Eva 3D scanner, and if you intend to capture only the geometry of objects, not color, your choice is Artec Eva Lite, an affordable version of Eva which can be easily upgraded at the price difference between the two scanners to produce full-color 3D models.

In order to understand which Artec scanner suits your needs best, talk to Artec or 3DZ representatives at MECSPE. We’ll sure find the right solution for you!

Where: Booth I20, Pad 6, Parma Fairground, Parma, Italy

When: March 23-25