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Learn about medical and academic applications of 3D scanners at 3DprintEU


On September 10, our gold partners from the Netherlands, 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants, will be taking part in 3DprintEU, a must-attend conference for Dutch businesses, researchers and academics that use additive manufacturing technologies or are considering doing so.

3DprintEU will focus on the use of 3D scanning and printing in medicine, including in dentistry, prosthetics and orthopedics, and since the conference will be taking place at Windesheim, one of the largest Dutch schools for applied sciences, it will explore new ways of bringing 3D technologies to the classroom.

The conference will be complemented by a 3D solutions expo, where you’ll be able to try and test Artec 3D handheld scanners, which are successfully employed in the medical industry. Eva and Spider are often used to design prostheses, such as this one for the gastrocnemius muscle or for replacing the broken part of a toucan’s beak. In May we presented a new scanner, Space Spider, which ensures the most stable scanning results even in fluctuating ambient conditions.

Our partners from 4C will also show how to optimize 3D scanning and post-processing in our new intuitive software, Artec Studio 10, which has a variety of tools to edit geometry and texture.

Where: X/T lobby, ground floor, T-building, Windesheim, Zwolle, the Netherlands

When: September 10.