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Artec 3D and DataDesign to show advanced 3D scanning solutions at INTERMOLD 2017

| Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

Meet Team Artec and our Gold Partner DataDesign at the Japan International Die and Mold Manufacturing Technology Exhibition INTERMOLD 2017. This year the organizers expect to attract more than 50,000 attendees. That’s the audience we’ll be showing the upcoming version of Artec Studio 12 to, which is smart and powerful 3D scanning and data processing software.

The new version of Artec Studio was developed based on customer feedback to a great extent. Our clients value the possibility to complete projects in a timely manner, so we have altered the software in order to accelerate of some of the most time-consuming operations. These include removing the base an object was scanned on. This algorithm works in the automatic and manual modes and now can effectively deal even with curved surfaces.

Scanning black and shiny surfaces has always been a tricky task, and normally you’d have to adjust sensitivity settings manually to get the best results. Artec Studio 12 does the job for you – it analyzes the surface and chooses the optimal settings automatically.

Memory management has been improved so now the software instantly selects what to store in RAM and what to discard. The Global Registration algorithm, which used to take up quite a lot of time during post-processing, has been optimized to work up to 10 times faster than in Artec Studio 11.

If you want to be one the first users to try out the new, streamlined version of Artec Studio, come by our stand at INTERMOLD. You’ll be able to scan with the award-winning Artec Eva and Space Spider. These highly accurate 3D scanners are go-to tools for engineers and industrial designers who need to make an accurate 3D mesh model of a part or system, ready for export in 3D modeling, reverse engineering or CAD applications.

Eva and Space Spider’s 3D point accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm respectively guarantees that the curves, holes, corners and other hard-to-scan surfaces will be captured perfectly well. These handhelds are lightweight and can be used together with the Artec battery pack if you need to scan in the field. Either device can be integrated into an automatic scanning system to reduce user involvement and scanning time to the minimum.

Where: Booth 923, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

When: April 12-15