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Experience Artec 3D top-of-the-line 3D scanning solutions at the International Manufacturing Technology Show

| McCormick Place, Chicago, IL (Chicago, IL)

The International Manufacturing Technology Show has been the leading manufacturing technology show in the Northern Hemisphere for almost a century. With over 2500 exhibitors and around 120 000 attendees, the event features comprehensive and innovative manufacturing solutions within its 1.37 million sq. ft. of floor space. Fantastic for discovering new technologies and trends, the IMTS is visited by a large range of companies from 117 countries worldwide, making it a great networking opportunity as well.

3D scanning technologies are fast becoming essential  manufacturing tools, and during the technology show, you will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the future of 3D data capture and processing. Visit the Artec 3D booth #121118 and find out how the advanced 3D scanners and software can resolve your manufacturing issues, boost productivity and reduce costs!

Experience Artec Leo, our most advanced 3D scanner yet and the 2018 NED innovation award winner. Designed to be the most intuitive powerful solution on the market, it is guaranteed to blow you away with its features and sleek design. Equipped with an inbuilt touchscreen and battery along with on-board data processing, this advanced 3D scanner allows even new users to easily make professional-grade 3D models. Enjoy wireless data transfer along with the fast and accurate capture of almost any object.

If you are looking for uncompromised precision and reliability, Artec Space Spider is the best choice for you. This high precision metrology solution has a wide range of applications, including reverse engineering, metrological analysis, design and more. Fast, highly accurate and easily portable, it is a perfect solution for on-site work both indoors and outdoors and is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results each time.

Also  featured atthe event will be the Artec Eva, the most widely used 3D scanner in the range. This versatile solution is incredibly fast, lightweight, and user friendly, offering accurate, and vibrant 3D scans, thus making it a go-to tool for a large variety of applications. For absolute freedom of scanning, Artec Eva can easily be combined with a portable battery pack, ensuring hours of uninterrupted 3D scanning absolutely anywhere.

Artec Ray is the latest addition to the Artec 3D scanning range. This professional long-range LIDAR solution is able to effortlessly capture large industrial objects such as trucks and planes at a distance of up to 110m away in high precision. Get accurate scans of large objects, without the need for targets, hassle-free. Perfect for industrial engineering, design and quality control.

All of the advanced Artec 3D scanners are compatible with professional CAD and CAM software to ensure you get the best possible solution. Talk to one of the Artec 3D experts about the available bundles and how you can successfully integrate professional Artec 3D solutions into your workflow.

Looking forward to seeing you at the International Technology Manufacturing Show 2018!

When: September 10 - 15, 2018

Where: Booth 121118, East Building, Level 2, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL