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Artec 3D scanners to be demoed for creators at the Internationale Handwerksmesse Fair

| Neue Messe München, Munich, Germany (Munich, Germany)

At the Internationale Handwerksmesse Fair set for March 7 through March 13, Artec 3D’s professional-grade 3D scanning solutions are going to be showcased by MakerSpace – a subsidiary of UnternehmerTUM GmbH that fosters a community of innovators, creators, and startuppers. This truly special trade fair will break down that rooted visitor/exhibitor divide by handing the inventions straight over to visitors, so they themselves can try out the latest and greatest in today’s technology landscape. That’s right, as a visitor to the Internationale Handwerksmesse Fair in Munich, you yourself can grab hold of Artec’s two best-selling 3D imagers and give them a proper go.

Artec’s Eva and Space Spider are veterans in the field of 3D digital image reproduction with an extensive track record of solid success across multiple industries. Their range of applications is practically limitless – all the way from restoring vintage automobiles, like the 1937 Ford Eifel, to creating life-size wooden statues for use in a campaign for Swiss wood. Of course, Eva and Space Spider also work equally well in production settings where they’re used to tackle industrial tasks: reverse engineering, prototyping, metrology, design, defect detection, and so much more! Eva and Space Spider always perform beyond expectation, regardless of the environment, capturing complex 3D geometries, colors, and textures.

Also available to demo at the trade fair will be Artec’s own software suite – Artec Studio 12. This powerful program eases the burden of post-processing thanks to its new autopilot function, optimized user interface, speedy processing, and other automated features that over time can bring you solid returns in terms of time, quality, and consistency.

To find out more, make sure you attend this special event. There, chat with Artec’s Gold Partner KLIB, who will be available and happy to answer all your questions.

When: March 7-13

Where: Booth EG_W.103, Neue Messe München, Munich, Germany