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Navigate the future of boat building at IBEX 2023

| Tampa Convention Center (Tampa, FL, USA)
IBEX 2023

What: International BoatBuilders' Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) 2023
Where: Booth 1-803 for Rapid Scan 3D, Booth 3-844 for Digitize Designs, Tampa Convention Center
When: October 3-5, 2023

Anchors aweigh to the future of boat building at the International BoatBuilders' Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) 2023! This transformative event is the intersection of tradition, innovation, and technology in the marine industry, highlighting trends to follow in nautical design and construction.

At the heart of this marine tech showcase, Artec Ambassador Rapid Scan 3D is set to present its impressive fleet of trailblazing 3D scanners: Leo, Ray II, and Space Spider. The Leo, revered for its high-resolution color 3D modeling capabilities, allows builders to capture and reproduce intricate boat designs with unmatched ease.

Just as ready at the helm will be Artec Ambassador Digitize Designs, introducing you to what the combination of Artec Leo and Ray II is capable of, and more of their latest 3D scanning case studies.

The Ray II, with its ability to scan large structures from great distances with extreme detail, opens up new possibilities for marine architecture and design. Together, these cutting-edge scanners provide boatbuilders with the tools they need to navigate the seas of design, development, and production, enabling them to ride the wave of innovation with confidence and precision.

Immerse yourself in digital technologies and pioneering methods sweeping across the marine industry. Register for IBEX 2023 today and embark on an unforgettable journey with Rapid Scan 3D and Digitize Designs!