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| Stand №. 5L 143, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center (Paris, France)

The countdown is on for the fourth edition of Global Industrie, taking place in the French capital and scheduled for May 17 to 20! After the resounding success of its Lyon edition, this industry-unifying expo yet again brings together countless specialists from metallurgical, welding, electrical and industrial engineering, and more. The event offers great collaborative and networking opportunities, providing a platform for catching up with your existing partners and making new connections.

Global Industrie offers an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters and welcomes 2,300 exhibitors from 40 countries, all ready to showcase the latest developments in the sphere. Carefully selected achievements in measurement, control, instrumentation, electronics, robotics, additive manufacturing – you name it – will be presented, along with a whole variety of events. Starting with the Golden Tech 22, the significant industrial performance contest with the top pros in the spotlight, to GI Avenir, which is totally devoted to recruiting, training, and promising jobs in the industry.

As you’re navigating this pool of opportunities, attending conferences, getting professional feedback, or sharing experiences, don’t miss your chance to meet Team Artec and our trusted partners 3D Numerisation, Boreal, and Kallisto at Stand №. 5L 143. Not only will you be able to talk to active professionals who are shaping tomorrow’s possibilities, you will also get the chance to explore a complete collection of Artec 3D scanners.

First up on display is the new version of Artec Leo, the epitome of wireless freedom. A tetherless professional 3D scanner with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor, HD display and battery on board, Leo 2022 offers incredibly smart data capture. A tilting screen shows a real-time replica of your object with all the areas that might need your attention.

For projects really massive and really tiny, consider Artec Ray and Artec Micro respectively. Ray easily captures huge objects like planes, ships, or buildings from a distance of up to 110 meters, reducing any possible noise to a minimum. Artec Micro, in turn, brings impeccable precision when scanning ultra-small objects right to your desktop. This stationary 3D scanner chooses the optimal scanning path for the tiniest objects, so all you need to do is put the item on the scanner’s rotating platform and wait for your clean, precise scan with a point of accuracy of up to 10 microns.

Our hand-held champions Artec Space Spider and Artec Eva are ideal for small to medium-sized objects. Based on blue-light technology, Space Spider is a powerful high resolution scanner capable of capturing all sophisticated edges and details of your object. Finally, the best-selling Artec Eva is an all-rounder for admirably quick and accurate textured scans.

If you’re looking to attend this benchmark event, go ahead and create your free access badge here. See you in Paris!