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BOREAL was founded in 1995 to provide technical and commercial consultancy services to our clients. The secret of our success is conducting continuous technical research to give our clients innovative and relevant answers. Our strategy is an effective combination of service provision and distribution of state-of-the-art products. Our customers’ fidelity to our expertise and our values for more than 20 years is the best token of recognition for us.

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Boreal: Client Success Stories

A prosthetics professional needed a way to create a custom-fit external breast prosthesis for post-mastectomy cancer patients, and to make it long lasting, lightweight, and comfortable.

3D and VR technologies alike are growing ever more popular throughout industries all over the world and are becoming especially common in the healthcare field due to their precision, ease of use and versatility.

Artec scanners help to deliver personalized healthcare 3D solutions that are a perfect fit for the anatomy of each patient and that are suitable for low invasive treatment of pathologies such as congenital thoracic deformities, which are anomalies in the growth of the chest wall.

To create a highly-detailed 3D model of this historical bronze monument for the then-upcoming 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s return from exile.

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