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Transcending boundaries of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing at Formnext 2023

| Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)
Formnext 2023

What: Formnext 2023
Where: Booth 12.1-E01, Messe Frankfurt
When: November 7-10, 2023

A global 3D tech nexus where breakthrough concepts take shape, Formnext 2023 will bring together 800+ exhibitors to present the best in additive manufacturing and industrial production. The organizers of the tradeshow have an array of supporting events lined up, including a start-up challenge, a career day, and a multi-stage conference highlighting the latest trends in automation, R&D, engineering, and more.

Join Team Artec and our Gold-certified partner Antonius Köster at Formnext 2023 to explore the 3D scanning technology that has proven to increase profitability in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. Our 3D scanners capture objects small and large with phenomenal accuracy, and the software is designed to easily solve some of the most common reverse engineering and inspection tasks.

Formnext 2023 will be the first big expo in Europe where we’ll be showcasing Artec Ray II, a long-range 3D scanner released earlier this year. Ray II was developed to create detail-rich 3D models of construction sites, factory floors, bridges, airplanes, and other massive objects. Featuring a 3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm at 10 meters, this LiDAR scanner can capture a full dome in just under 2 mins.

Alongside the tripod-mounted Ray II, expect to see Artec’s spectacular handhelds. A head-turner at any tradeshow, the wireless Artec Leo combines unparalleled mobility, blazing speed, and real-time scan progress tracking right on its touchscreen.

Artec Eva, another of Artec’s award-winning 3D scanners, has been around for over a decade, getting only better with time. In HD Mode, which was introduced three years ago, Eva’s resolution can reach 0.2 mm, compared to 0.5 mm before.

If you aim for even higher resolution, consider Artec Space Spider. This lightweight scanner can pick up the finest elements of the surface with 0.1 mm resolution and 0.05 mm accuracy.

You’ll also get to learn more about the new Artec Studio 18 and its impressive range of new features, including 4x faster HD Mode, new AI algorithms, and multi-scanner Smart Fusion – as well as new additions to the product line: LiDAR tripods, specialized backpacks for your Artec scanner, the all-new Leo Protective Case – and perhaps something more, to continue the growing line of Artec 3D scanners.

Every day, Artec scanners help their users reach the production quality they seek, reducing costs and saving time. Learn how investing in 3D scanning can optimize manufacturing routines and return in increased revenues. Claim your ticket to Formnext today to secure a better future for your business.