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Formnext Connect brings the Additive Manufacturing family together

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Stay connected to the global Additive Manufacturing community from wherever you are, pandemic or not! To complement its physical counterpart, the AM world comes together to offer solutions, share knowledge, and connect with colleagues around the globe. While you’re there, check out exhibitors including Artec Ambassadors Central Scanning and Shonan Design, Artec Gold Certified partners Algona and Antonius Köster, and Artec Certified partner 3D-Model.

At this first-of-its-kind event, here’s what you can look forward to:

Digital face-to-face contact with the connections you want to make, multimedia exhibitors, AI-supported interactions and video meetings, moderated talks by experts, panel discussions and interviews, as well as in-depth technical coverage with the TCT Conference.

During the 3-day-long immersive trade show, Team Artec and its partners will be introducing the breakthrough HD Mode, which takes the quality of scans made with their 3D scanners Eva and Leo up to a new level. Powered via neural network, HD Mode more than doubles the resolution of these handheld scanners designed for capturing medium-sized to large objects, effectively delivering unprecedentedly clean scan data, exiguous noise levels, and finely delineated surfaces of your 3D model, even if the scanned object is black, shiny, and features hard-to-capture parts, such as minuscule apertures, thin tubes, or sharp edges. Make sure to register for the show, where you'll be able to watch the most challenging of surfaces being reconstructed in high definition and with great precision on your screen, in real time!

In addition to Eva and Leo boosted by HD Mode, you're welcome to attend live demos of other scanners, including Artec Space Spider. This metrology-grade portable 3D scanner was developed to spec for turning mechanical parts into precise 3D models with up to 0.05 point accuracy at the International Space Station as well as down here on Earth. Need ultra-precise results for tiny, intricate parts such as watch gears, jewelry items, or dental fixtures? The desktop Artec Micro has you covered. And if you’re setting your sights higher and bigger, there’s the long-range laser scanner Artec Ray, capable of capturing aircraft, manufacturing facilities, and even entire buildings, with its best-in-class angular accuracy.

For those new to the 3D industry, a seminar will welcome you with an introduction to industrial 3D printing. Just like any other year, there will also be award ceremonies, challenges, and more.

If you’re looking for events that are informative, inspiring, and innovative, designed for professionals who want to network and grow, develop business opportunities, and connect and transfer knowledge within the community, then you’ve found the right place! We look forward to seeing you there.

Have a look at the full agenda here.

What: Formnext Connect

When: Nov. 10-12, 2020

Where: Sign up for free here.