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Experience Artec’s high-tech 3D scanning solutions at the annual FITFAIR expo

| Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht, Netherlands (Utrecht, Netherlands)

If you can’t imagine your life without sport, then 2018 FITFAIR expo is an exciting opportunity for you to learn all about the latest fitness trends, gym equipment, and innovative sports technologies! Ranked #1 fitness event in Benelux, FITFAIR attracts professional trainers, fitness fanatics and gym owners from all over the world. Grab your sneakers, and get ready to be wowed by fitness solutions from over 70 exhibitors spread out over 18 areas of a10 000-sqm venue. The event will also feature 100+ speakers, all pro’s in the sports industry, making FITFAIR an unmissable learning and networking opportunity. The world’s biggest brands will be showcasing their advanced solutions to benefit the fitness community, and Artec 3D will be one of them!

To find out why Artec’s professional 3D scanning solutions are great for sports and fitness applications, make sure to stop by booth 41, where our gold-certified resellers, 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be demoing Artec’s top 3D scanners. Skilled, professional and friendly, they have tons of experience in building personalized solutions based on your needs and they will ensure you get the best possible results while saving valuable time and money.

One of the scanners to be featured at the expo is the versatile Artec Eva. This professional 3D scanner the most popular of our range, and it is easy to see why. Eva is lightweight, precise and fast. It’s also safe to use, making it an excellent scanner for capturing people, and is often used in multiple healthcare applications. Able to accurately scan a large variety of surfaces, even in less than perfect scanning conditions, Eva is great for gathering data to track your fitness progress and create customized sports props. Artec Eva can easily be combined with a portable battery pack, which means that you can scan wherever you need for hours!

Space Spider is another Artec 3D scanner to be demoed at the FITFAIR event this November. Initially developed for the International Space Station, this ultra-precise 3D scanner accurately captures even the smallest of objects as well as intricate details and complex geometries. Its precision and ease of use makes Space Spider a favorite amongst doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals, for reconstructive surgery, quality assurance of fitness equipment, inspection, reproduction of complex objects and other applications where every micron counts.

The third 3D scanner at the FITFAIR is the revolutionary Artec Leo. This extraordinary 3D scanner is guaranteed to change the way you look at 3D scanning for sports, fitness, and healthcare. With a high-res touchscreen, onboard data processing, and an inbuilt battery, Leo gives you absolute freedom from wires and additional equipment. Delivering outstanding results each time, this innovative solution is as user-friendly as can be, with smart controls, ergonomic design and intuitive UI. Use Leo to gather data for rapid prototyping, creating customized healthcare solutions, personalized sports gear, reverse-engineering of gym and fitness equipment and much more!

To ensure you get the best results whatever your application, all of the Artec 3D scanners are compatible with professional CAD and CAM software, such as the powerful Geomagic Freeform. Make sure to ask our experts about the available bundles and how Artec’s professional 3D scanning solutions can benefit your business.

See you at the 2018 FITFAIR expo!

Where: Booth 41, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht, Netherlands

When: November 24-25