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Eva to be demoed at Autodesk University


Autodesk is expecting some 9,000 architects, engineers, designers, animators, and industry leaders from all over the world to attend its annual forum, Autodesk University, in Las Vegas between December 2 and 4.

On Day 1, Autodesk’s ReCap (Reality Capture) team will hold a three-hour-long class, “Meet the Reality Computing Hardware,” to showcase the latest and the greatest in the Capture, Compute and Create segments of Reality Computing.

Attendees will see various reality computing technologies in action, including 3D scanners and printers, handheld depth sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, augmented reality glasses, and more.

Artec will demo the Eva handheld scanner, which is the ideal choice for those that need to receive a quick, textured and accurate scan. Eva captures objects in high resolution and vibrant color, needs no markers or calibration, and allows for almost unlimited applications.

Earlier this month Autodesk issued the latest version of Project Memento, which has integrated the Reality Computing software with Artec’s handheld scanners. Autodesk's Project Memento connects to the scanners using Artec Scanning SDK, controls the 3D scanning process and guides users through it, applying Artec algorithms to align and merge scans.

Project Memento, an Autodesk Labs technology preview – provides an end-to-end solution for converting any reality-capture input such as photos and scans, into high-quality 3D mesh that can be cleaned up, fixed, and optimized for Web and mobile experiences for digital use or for fabrication.

With the issue of the new version, Artec now provides the most accurate handheld scanning experience for Autodesk's fast and elegant solution to guide users from 3D scanning to Autodesk3D modeling tools.

Where: Booth #268, Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

When: December 2, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.