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3D scanning and forensics. Learn about smart 3D technology applications at the 2019 ENFSI Scene of Crime Business Meeting in Rome

| Via Giorgio Zoega 59 - 00164 Rome, Italy (Rome, Italy)

The ENFSI Scene of Crime Working Group Annual Business Meeting, organized by the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) and the Scientific Police of the Italian National Police, is one of the most significant and anticipated forensics events of 2019.

The annual business meeting will focus on the importance of efficient acquisition and management of crime scene data together with the best practices in collecting and documenting gathered evidence. Welcoming a range of professionals from numerous ENFSI working groups such as DNA, Footprints, Explosives, Ballistics, Video-digital photo processing, among many others, the upcoming event is sure to be a fantastic learning and networking opportunity for anyone involved with forensics. 2019 ENFSI Scene of Crime Working Group Annual Business Meeting attendees will also have an amazing opportunity to experience the latest innovative solutions and technologies, such as 3D scanning, which make countless forensics tasks far more time- and cost-efficient.

Make sure to stop by, where together with our resellers, ABACUS Sistemi CAD-CAM Srl from Italy and 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants from the Netherlands, Artec 3D will be demoing its professional 3D scanning solutions, ensuring you can find the one that suits you best!     

One of the 3D scanners to be demoed at the event is the long-range laser 3D scanner Artec Ray. This portable 3D scanning solution is ideal for capturing large objects in great detail. Whether it’s a truck, a plane, or an entire house, you are guaranteed to get clean, highly detailed 3D data, even when scanning from as far as 110m away. Make sure to take a closer look at this powerful LiDAR solution to capture an entire crime scene or separate large objects required during crime scene research or investigations.

Another 3D scanner that’s guaranteed to change the way you gather 3D data for forensics is the innovative Artec Leo. This tetherless 3D solution is packed full of innovative features such as an inbuilt battery and touchscreen, giving you the freedom to scan for hours without a power cable or additional equipment. Its ergonomic design and intuitive UI make it incredibly easy to use, even for a 3D scanning novice. Leo can be used to create accurate 3D models of countless objects with various textures on the go, ensuring a flawless 3D scanning process every time.

The ultra-precise Artec Space Spider will also be featured at the annual business meeting. This highly accurate 3D scanner is a must-have in forensics, thanks to its ability to accurately capture even the smallest of details and the most intricate geometries. Lightweight and easy to use, Space Spider is ideal for capturing objects such as bones, body parts, weapons, and many others in fine detail.

Our 3D scanning experts will also be demoing the popular Artec Eva. Versatile and easy to use, this handheld 3D scanner is used by forensic specialists to accurately capture data from a wide variety of surfaces, even those hard-to-scan ones! Ideal for capturing people’s limbs, faces, and obtaining colorful, full-body scans in mere minutes. Eva’s also great at gathering 3D data from inanimate mid-size objects such as chairs, motorcycles or window sills.  

We’re also going to showcase the latest version of our advanced 3D scanning and post-processing software, Artec Studio 14. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience its newest features and tools, which allow seamless 3D data capture and interaction for all of your forensic needs.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 ENFSI Scene of Crime Working Group
Annual Business Meeting!

Where: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, Via Giorgio Zoega 59 - 00164 Rome, Italy

When: September 24 to 26