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Come see Artec 3D's latest innovations in April 2019 at the DMS Nagoya manufacturing expo in Japan!

| DMS Nagoya, Portmesse Nagoya, Japan (Nagoya, Japan)

If your business deals with anything related to the manufacturing industry, DMS Nagoya is where you'll want to be this coming April. The DMS (Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions) Expo will showcase the most up-to-date and proven solutions for everything from 3D scanning and imaging to CAD/CAM design, VR/AR, SCM/ERP, IoT/M2M, and much more.

At the 3-day event will be thousands of manufacturing industry professionals from Toyota, Denso, Amada, DMG Mori, IHI, Canon, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and other companies. There will be managers and technical experts from design & development, production engineering, information systems, R&D, procurement, human resources, and more!

This event is literally the place to be for seeing in person the best IT solutions, systems, and services for the manufacturing sphere, as well as discussing technical requirements and pricing concerns. Additionally, it's a great place for networking with industry professionals. Don't be surprised to be standing next to top executives and specialists from the very same companies whose attention you've been trying to capture.

When you're at the expo, be sure to stop by and visit us at our booth, which we will be sharing with our gold reseller Datadesign. You can try out for yourself and see firsthand the latest in our 3D scanning solutions. Datadesign boasts years of deep experience working with 3D technology across the manufacturing sphere, delivering systems and solutions that slash production time and costs, streamline workflows, and ensure the latest and most optimal results in imaging and precision. Datadesign offers clients a full spectrum of training, as well as support and maintenance.

When you come to visit us, you'll have the chance to try any one, or even all, of our professional 3D scanners, Artec Leo, Eva, and Space Spider. Our newest member of the family is Leo, a revolutionary handheld 3D scanner that stands head and shoulders above the rest. It features a built-in battery, giving you hours of uninterrupted scanning; a touch panel screen, which lets you see your scan right there in real time; and wireless connectivity, which means a truly "no cables needed" scanning experience, from beginning to end!

Also on display will be Artec Eva, one of our most popular handheld professional 3D scanners. Both affordable and user friendly, Eva is a dynamic solution for whatever application you're facing. Artec Space Spider is our handheld 3D scanner that's designed for working with small and medium-sized objects in close detail. It delivers precise results, making it perfect for electronics, small machinery, and much more.

Here are some quick looks at how our scanners are used in reverse engineering and industrial applications.

When: April 17-19

Where: Booth 16-50, Hall 1,DMS Nagoya, Portmesse Nagoya, Japan