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Try out 3D solutions for archeology, bioanthropology, and forensics at BABAO 2023

| Mary Ward House Conference Centre (London, UK)
BABAO 2023

Image source: babao.org.uk

What: BABAO 2023
Where: Mary Ward House Conference Centre, London, UK
When: September 15-17, 2023

This mid-September, some of the leading scholars and researchers from across the UK are expected to come together for the 24th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology BABAO 2023. The forefront of innovation in bioarcheology and forensic anthropology, the three-day-long event will cover the most recent developments in areas such as research of human remain collections housed in museums, novel approaches to the study of disease in the past, experimental taphonomic work, and biomolecular reconstruction, to name a few.

Amidst the lively intellectual exchange, you’ll discover Artec 3D’s UK Ambassadors, Central Scanning, presenting a range of Artec scanners, with a particular spotlight on the industry-first wireless and AI-powered Artec Leo. Capturing large surface areas with an astounding 3D resolution of up to 0.2 mm, this tetherless scanner can be complemented with another handheld, Space Spider, or the desktop Micro for enhanced precision.

Join Central Scanning’s experienced team for an immersive demonstration of state-of-the-art 3D solutions that have been instrumental in documenting, analyzing, and digitally preserving fossilized bones of prehistoric animals, the skeletons of human ancestors, and countless artifacts dating back to centuries and even millennia ago.

Artec 3D’s no-contact scanning technology has made headlines helping forensic anthropologists piece together fragments of craniums found at archeological sites and reconstruct the appearance of long-dead people. Some of the household names in forensics use Artec 3D scanners to save hours of fieldwork accurately mapping crime and/or vehicle crash scenes while collecting more data at the sites than traditional methods would ever allow. Detail-rich, easily shareable 3D datasets can prove critical in establishing the causes of wounds, other physical trauma, or death, backing up court cases with rock-solid, verifiable evidence.

If you, too, are looking to push the boundaries of the possible in scientific research, register for the upcoming BABAO 2023 conference today. This is a golden opportunity to interact with the brightest minds in the industry, experience revolutionary technologies firsthand, and gain crucial insights that will guide your research to new breakthroughs.