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Artec 3D scanning solutions for manufacturing to be exhibited at Austech 2017

| Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne, Australia)

Learn about the latest products and services, connect with key industry contacts and discover products to help you grow your business at Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool trade show Austech 2017. This event will cover areas such as additive manufacturing, CNC milling, reverse engineering and metrology, to name but a few.

Let’s meet at the stand of our Australian partner Objective3D, where we’ll be demoing the new capabilities of Artec Studio 12, the latest version of our comprehensive 3D scanning and post-processing software, which was developed largely based on the feedback provided by our clients and thus meets practical, everyday demands of regular users even better than the previous builds.

A great deal of algorithms have been optimized to cut down data editing and post-processing time, which helps AS 12 users complete their 3D scanning projects much faster. So what exactly has been improved?

First of all, you no longer need to place your object on an even surface for scanning in order to make sure you’ll be able to easily delete the base during post-processing. Even if the surface is curved, AS 12 will have no problem detecting the base and removing it automatically. The same goes for the background on which the object was scanned – AS 12 will effectively delete it, leaving clean scans for you to work with.

The resource-intensive Global Registration algorithm, which converts all one-frame surfaces to a single coordinate system, now works up to 10 times faster – incredible speed! The software also handles large projects much more efficiently than before thanks to the new smart memory management system, which selects exactly what data must be stored in RAM and what can be discarded. Add to this up to 10x faster data compression which can reduce the disk space needed to store a project by 2-3 times – and you get a totally new data management experience.

AS 12 makes the delicate task of scanning black and shiny surfaces much easier to do. In the previous builds the user was required to tune up sensitivity settings in order for hard-to-scan areas to come out well. AS 12 does the job for the user, analyzing the surface and choosing the optimal settings automatically. This feature works with Artec Eva 3D object scanner, which you’ll be able to try out at Austech.

Artec Eva will be showcased along with another award-winning handheld 3D scanner Artec Space Spider. Both devices use structured light to capture the geometry and texture of real-world objects. Due to their ability to deliver metrology-grade results while working with complex surfaces, Eva and Space Spider are used by leading international companies for quality control, reverse engineering and CAD projects.

Where: Stand D30, Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

When: May 9-12