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Artec L2 scanner to go on show at ISPO World Congress


Orten, a French company that uses Artec Eva to design customized prostheses for their clients, will present the new Artec L2 scanner at the annual congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO World Congress 2015), which will bring together professionals keen to learn about the latest scientific and clinical advances, products, innovative technologies, designs and materials in prosthetic and orthotic care.

L2 was designed to be integrated into automated scanning systems and can be easily adapted to specific application purposes. Artec employs four such scanners fixed to a rotating rig in its full-body scanner, Shapify Booth, taking just 12 seconds to scan a person. L2 has the widest field of view among Artec scanners, which reduces the number of frames needed to make a scan to the minimum, speeding up the scanning process. Due to its resolution of 1.5 mm and point accuracy of up to 0.25 mm, the scanner captures surfaces in very fine detail.

To request more information about the Artec L2 scanner, please email sales@artec-group.com.

Where: Stand 103, Lyon Convention Center, Lyon, France

When: June 22-25