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Artec 3D to showcase its innovative 3D scanning technology at the 2019 AMPER Trade Fair

| Výstaviště 405/1, 603 00 Brno-střed, Czechia (Brno, Czech Republic)

AMPER 2019 is an international trade fair of electrotechnics and electronics, bringing together more than 40,000 eager professionals from all over the world to see the latest solutions and developments in electronics, automation, communication, lighting, and security technologies. With more than 600 exhibitors from 26 countries showcasing the industry’s most advanced solutions, this trade fair is an unmissable learning and networking opportunity. Hear the latest news, gain valuable hands-on experience with the most innovative tools, and meet some of the industry’s top experts!

During the event, make sure to stop by stand 1.34, where our reseller ABBAS, a.s. will be showcasing Artec’s most popular industrial 3D scanners. Their friendly experts will be there to offer you a one-on-one demonstration and tell you all about how 3D scanning can help you cut costs and optimize your processes, while finding the best solutions just for you!

Artec Eva is one of the scanners to be featured at the AMPER trade fair. It’s among the most popular handheld 3D scanners in its class, and that comes as no surprise! Versatile, easy to use, with fast and accurate data capture, Eva can capture pretty much anything in just minutes. Use Eva for rapid prototyping, design and manufacturing, 3D printing, analysis and testing, and much more.

Another Artec 3D scanner to be showcased at the event is the highly-precise Space Spider. With unparalleled accuracy and precision, this industrial 3D scanner is ideal for capturing minute details, intricate geometries and small objects with remarkable exactness. Experts all over the world use this professional 3D solution for a variety of industrial design and manufacturing applications, such as reverse engineering, quality control, and other applications where precision is key.

Need to scan on the go? No problem! Both Eva and Space Spider are easily compatible with a lightweight, portable battery pack, giving you the freedom to scan absolutely anywhere for hours on end.

The cutting-edge Artec Leo 3D scanner will also be presented at the AMPER trade fair. This smart 3D scanning solution is packed full of revolutionary features, such as its on-board data processing, inbuilt touchscreen and battery, along with wireless data transfer. User-friendly with an intuitive UI, Leo is great for inspection, reverse-engineering, product design, and any other application that demands speed, precision, and ease of use!

The fourth industrial 3D scanner to be demoed during the AMPER trade fair is the Artec Ray. This stationary long-range LIDAR solution is powerful enough to capture objects as large as pipes, planes, or even entire buildings from a distance of up to 110m. Thanks to its submillimetre precision, Artec Ray is great for reverse engineering, quality control, inspection, and creating 3D documentation.

All Artec 3D scanners are compatible with professional CAD and CAM software, including powerful Geomagic Design X. Be sure to ask our experts about available bundles and how Artec’s professional 3D scanning solutions can help improve your workflow.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 AMPER trade fair!

Where: Hall V stand 1.34, Brno Exhibition Centre Výstaviště 405/1, 603 00 Brno-střed, Czechia

When: March 19-22, 2019