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Additive manufacturing conference of Association of German Engineers to feature Artec 3D scanning technology

| Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum, Duisburg, Germany (Duisburg, Germany)

Artec’s partner in Germany, Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG will be demoing Artec 3D scanners at the Additive Manufacturing Conference of the Association of German Engineers. Attendees will have the chance to hear experts and users talk about the current state of 3D imaging technologies, their applications, and future development. But best of all, they’ll get to see 3D solutions in action, among them being our metrological 3D scanners Artec Eva and Space Spider.

For years, Artec 3D has been helping specialists in construction, automobile manufacturing and quality control in their 3D digitization initiatives. The application of our scanners is genuinely extensive thanks to their unique, smart design. Artec scanners are high-powered machines that allow users of all levels of tech-savviness to harness their full potential to maximize the quality of their results.

When: September 6-7

Where: Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum, Duisburg, Germany