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Head of Editorial

Loretta Marie Perera


Loretta Marie Perera, known to most as Rett, has been a writer for most of her life. What started as birthday card poetry and primary school compositions progressed to a career in advertising where she worked as a creative copywriter in her hometown, Singapore, a lifestyle reporter in Beijing, China, and then a journalist in Moscow, Russia.

As one of Artec 3D’s senior editors, Rett works with a team of writers as well as social media, video, and digital marketing departments to create a rich mix of content that absolutely deserves your attention. She also keeps Artec’s PR agencies updated on these stories, and makes sure they’re getting the attention they deserve. Besides editing and coordinating, she enjoys talking to and writing about a variety of people and their adventures with 3D scanning – ranging from scanning people’s faces for customized healthcare solutions, art preservation, accessibility, and lots more.

In the night and early morning, however, Rett also continues to work on her own creative projects, which now include poetry, essays, and most of all, her first work-in-progress novel, first conceptualized on a cold and unfamiliar winter’s morning in Russia, tucked away at a tiny table in an old apartment — any writer could tell you, a more perfect setting to begin a novel would be hard to find.

Read more of her work here, and follow her on Twitter or Instagram for more.

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Case studies
Amazon Giant Mushrooms

Artec Space Spider brings supersized mushrooms to the new Amazon HQ in Arlington, Virginia

A fairy ring opens its circle to welcome all, with every detail of the selected fungi in its larger-than-life replica made possible with Artec Space Spider.

Case studies
Watts Gallery

Making art accessible to all with Artec 3D

With 3D scanning, printing, and outreach programs, the Watts Gallery team is committed to bringing art to all.

Learning center
How to scan a room with a 3D scanner

How to scan a room with a 3D scanner

Why would you scan a room, and what do you need to keep in mind when you do? First, it’s important to ensure the 3D room scanner you use is suited to the task. In this guide, we look at why you’d scan a room, how to do it, what the best room 3D scanner is, and what else you should be aware of.

Case studies
Altem Bangalore

Digitizing Bengaluru’s ancient inscriptions with Artec 3D

Historical inscribed stones are scattered all across Bangalore, India. One man decided to make it his mission to find them all – and then scan them all.

Case studies
San Francisco Bridge

Artec Leo brings 3D scanning to new heights: 185 feet over San Francisco Bay

High above the San Francisco Bay and with no reliable sources of reference, Artec Leo easily captured data for keeping this iconic bridge at its best.

Case studies
Armenian war victims

Supporting the livelihoods of Armenian war victims with Artec Eva and customized prosthetics

Using Artec Eva to capture data of Armenian war victims, creating custom-designed prosthetic shields for comfort and confidence.