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Loretta Marie Perera

Known to most as Rett, Loretta Marie Perera has been a writer for most of her life. What started as birthday card poetry and primary school compositions that inevitably ended with "and then we went home, tired but happy," progressed to a career in advertising where she worked as a creative copywriter in her hometown, Singapore, a lifestyle reporter in Beijing, China, and then a journalist in Moscow, Russia.

During the day, Rett enjoys talking to and writing about a variety of people and their adventures with 3D scanning — ranging from scanning people’s faces for customized healthcare, bodies for fashion design, buildings for conservation and recently — a live and kicking horse, for art.

In the night and early morning, however, Rett also continues to work on her own creative projects, which now include poetry, essays, and most of all, her first work-in-progress novel, first conceptualised on a cold and unfamiliar winter’s morning in Russia, tucked away at a tiny table in an old apartment — any writer could tell you, a more perfect setting to begin a novel would be hard to find.

Read more of her work here, and follow her on Twitter or Instagram for more.

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Case studies

Scaling down an intricately designed 20-foot statue with Artec Leo to raise awareness of human trafficking

They say that all roads lead to Rome. And in one case, a smooth journey from Canada to the Vatican was ensured via the use of 3D scanning.

Case studies

Equipping helicopters for rescue missions, filming, surveillance, and more with Artec Eva and Space Spider

The task in this case: to equip a helicopter with a downward and diagonally facing camera for capturing aerial views of the area beneath it, for use in rescue missions and environmental surveillance, among other applications.

Case studies

Bringing a limited-edition 1919 Harley-Davidson back to life in the Netherlands

Essential for the ignition to start and the engine to run, the vintage motorcycle’s distributor cap was 3D printed from a 3D model of a legacy part scanned with Artec Space Spider.

Case studies

Creating customized auto parts for vintage race cars with Artec Space Spider

With a background in computer games and a love for building cars, it didn’t take long for Chris Ashton to find his way into the 3D scanning world, combining both profession and passion.

Case studies

Artec Eva crushes inaccuracies at Finnish manufacturing company

The manufacturing company relies on Artec Eva for quality control and to ensure reliable accuracy in their products.

Case studies

Using Artec Eva Lite to improve the lives of people with disabilities

A voluntary organization based in the UK, REMAP provides bespoke solutions for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met using off-the-shelf devices, or via primary avenues of help available to them, such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).