give your scanner super powers!

X-Ray Vision
3D Radar
Process Huge Data
Eliminate Errors
US $600
US $1,450
US $1,200
US $1,450

Limited Offer!

Upgrade your current version of Artec Studio at a discounted rate until January 15th 2019

Here’s how it works

Trade in your existing Artec Studio 11 or 12 license for a new Artec Studio 13 license
Upgrade your Artec Studio to version 13

from Studio 12

US $600

from Studio 11

US $1,200

If you have an older version of Artec Studio that you wish to upgrade, please get in touch with your reseller, and they will do their best to provide you with a personalized package.

How will you benefit from Artec Studio 13?

3D Radar - a completely new way to scan your objects!

No more need to focus on the distance meter and object at the same time, as you can now easily & comfortably view the correct scanning distance via your object in color!

X-ray vision - see through any amount of noise!

Highlight with high point density, making data semi transparent. Easy to work with complex geometry + check for errors & misalignments before processing.

Process huge data sets faster and easier than ever!

Process up to 500 million polygons! And Scan bigger objects with Ray, Leo, Eva and add high detailed textures with Space Spider for maximum resolution.

Now you can see all errors even within frames!

No longer the need to inspect scans manually, since frames that may need additional attention are automatically highlighted for you.

And that’s far from all

You can learn about all the new features of Artec Studio 13 on the What’s New page

This upgrade discount is available until January 15th 2019