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Export to SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD
Glare Removal
Dynamic Auto Brightness
Save $1700
Save $500

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Upgrade your current version of Artec Studio at a discounted rate until December 31, 2019

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Here’s how it works

Trade in your existing Artec Studio 12 or 13 license for a new Artec Studio 14 license

Upgrade your Artec Studio to version 14

from Studio 13

US $1200

from Studio 12

US $2400

If you have an older version of Artec Studio that you wish to upgrade, please get in touch with your reseller, and they will do their best to provide you with a personalized package.

How will you benefit from Artec Studio 14?

Got gaps in your scan? Not anymore!

With the new Bridges feature, you’re only a few clicks away from organically mending holes and cracks in your 3D scans like never before, with an easy-to-use toolset that gives you the power to precisely fix what you want, how you want it.

Export to SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD

This time saver eliminates the need for «middle man» software when exporting over to SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD. Now you can reverse engineer simple shapes and directly export as many open and closed contours as you’d like.

Vanquish glare once and for all!

Why waste your time painstakingly deleting glare from your scans? With this new PBR-based feature, you’re seconds away from breathtaking, glare-free scans. Glare Removal’s algorithm carefully selects which microsurfaces to sample from for outstanding results.

Say goodbye to overexposed scans!

Uneven lighting conditions and high contrasts between objects are often facts of scanning life, but the new Dynamic Auto Brightness automatically microadjusts the brightness during previews and scans, giving you perfectly-exposed scans every time.

And that’s far from all

You can learn about all the new features of Artec Studio 14 on the What’s New page

This upgrade discount is available until December 31, 2019