Stegosaurus Skeleton

The Stegosaurus from the Denver museum of the Nature and Science is more than 26 feet long and over nine feet tall. The dinosaur is mounted as a permanent installation with steel shaped around it, welded in place, and permanently puttied to the bones, making it impossible to ever take apart. As a result, it was very difficult to scan! The Triebold Paleontology, Inc. scanned the dinosaur using Artec Space Spider and Artec Studio software. The scanning process involved crawling inside the rib cage, and there were also some interesting poses taken atop a step ladder to reach the tops of the big fan-shaped plates on the dinosaur’s back. The scanner was able to capture all of the elements from the tip of the nose to the spikes at the end of the tail. As well as aligning the scans, Artec Studio also allows us to reduce the mesh size to achieve the desired level of detail for manipulating the 3D model and for 3D printing.

Scanning time: 
1 week
Processing time: 
2 months
Number of scans: 
629 individual scans across 71 scan projects