Giraffe skull

When it comes to digitizing such fragile historical artifacts as bones, skeletons, and skulls of rare creatures, be it a dinosaur, a mammoth, or ancient human remains, 3D data quality is key.

With its many openings, nasal cavities, natural bumps, and lots of small and fragile parts such as teeth, thin walls, and bones, this giraffe skull would typically have posed a real scanning challenge, especially with its white color and lack of texture. This, however, was not the case for Eva. Thanks to Artec 3D’s new HD Mode, the geometry of the skull was enough for tracking and capturing the data, allowing the scanner to capture both small and hard-to-reach elements inside the skull, and the whole upper area with astounding quality and resolution.

This level of detail would previously have been possible only for Artec Space Spider. With Eva now powered by HD Mode, you can capture much smaller elements and a far wider array of historical artifacts. Their uses and the opportunity for preservation, education, and digitalization similarly know no bounds.

Scanning time: 
6 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
4 minutes
Processing time: 
15 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [19.15 MB]
STL [38.73 MB]
PLY [16.03 MB]
WRL [26.91 MB]