Dual-clutch gearbox HD

If you’re searching for something to really test the capabilities of your Artec Eva 3D scanner, look no further than the dual-clutch gearbox. Full of smaller, finer details as well as holes, fine lines, sharp edges, and smooth, possibly shiny surfaces, the dual-clutch gearbox becomes a lot easier to scan with Artec 3D’s new AI-powered HD mode.

What you can see here is better reconstruction of hard to reach surfaces, for one. Besides being able to see the depth of the object this well – have a look at where the tube is and zoom in for a closer look – surfaces have been captured and processed clearly. Another factor that was incredibly important for the success of this scan is how little noise there is. When working with holes, especially holes that are small, it’s often easy to miss them in a scan altogether. In this case, each hole is seen clearly. Even smaller holes along the edge of the object are unclogged, and well captured. This is all due to the reconstruction of fine geometry, which allows the capturing of sharp edges.

Less noise, higher accuracy and definition, and fine, sharp parts well captured means that in your final 3D model, your item is presented as closely as possible to its original form: small parts, little holes, sharp edges, and everything.

This model took only 15 minutes to scan, and just over an hour to process. Zoom on in and explore the different parts and angles for yourself!

Scanning time: 
22 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
47 minutes
Processing time: 
110 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [122.41 MB]
STL [262.12 MB]
PLY [100.67 MB]
WRL [172.58 MB]