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Introducing Artec Premium Packs

Simplify your 3D scanning workflow and save with our all-inclusive packages.

Why upgrade to a Premium Pack?

Significant savings

Save €6,000 (or the USD equivalent) on Artec Care when you purchase a Premium Pack.

An all-inclusive bundle

Premium Packs include the scanner, software, hardware add-ons, and extended 5-year warranty needed to account for all scanning eventualities.


Buy everything you'll need at a discount, so you don't incur extra costs later – perfect for those on a fixed budget.

1-year Artec Studio free

Get a 5-year Artec Studio license for the price of a 4-year one, and ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest features and upgrades of our industry-leading 3D scanning software.

Artec Leo

The world’s first wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner

Join the wireless 3D scanning revolution and start capturing objects with unprecedented pace and freedom by switching to the groundbreaking Artec Leo.

Artec Leo Premium Pack

Leo Calibration Kit

Recalibrate Artec Leo whenever and wherever's convenient to ensure you can consistently capture large volumes of data with your scanner at it's very best.

Artec Leo Premium Pack

Artec Studio

The 5-year Artec Studio license included with the Leo Premium Pack allows you to seamlessly capture objects and turn scan data into stunningly realistic 3D models.

Artec Leo Premium Pack

Extended warranty

Push Leo to its limits, 24/7 if necessary, safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, Artec's repair team will be on-hand to help for 5 whole years, 3 more years than standard.

Additional battery pack

Acquiring your Leo as part of a Premium Pack gets you a charger and 2 Smart Li-Ion batteries, so you can scan anytime, anywhere without having to wait for the battery to recharge.

Artec Eva

A versatile, lean scanning machine

Capture objects of all shapes and sizes with enhanced flexibility, using our best-selling Artec Eva and the extra gear included in its Premium Pack.

Artec Eva Premium Pack

Tailor-made travel case

Designed specifically with Artec Eva in mind, the Premium Pack's hard case enables you to snugly store your device, or transport it safely to wherever your scanning site may be.

Artec Eva Premium Pack

Accessible, AI-powered software

Our Premium Pack includes a 5-year Artec Studio license, so you can use the easy-to-learn software's Autopilot and AI neural engine, to seamlessly capture hard-to-reach areas in high-resolution.

Artec Eva Premium Pack

Next-level scanning support

With an extended 5-year warranty, your Artec Eva is guaranteed to last, as any sign of a rare scanning hitch can be rectified by our experts for longer.

A complete charging package

Adopt the Premium Pack and get a long-life 6-hour battery, charger, power cable, and pouch — all the accessories you'll need to keep your Eva primed and ready for action.

Range-enhancing USB Kit

Get the most out of your Eva by equipping the longer cord included in the Artec USB Kit, and scan objects from up to five meters away, with less chance of cable shortage preventing your progress.

Artec Space Spider

A high-resolution scanning solution

Create full, high-resolution 3D scans of even the most complex objects in brilliant color, time after time, with the Space Spider Premium Pack.

Artec Space Spider Premium Pack

Artec’s auto-tracking Turntable

To ensure steadfast tracking of even the trickiest of surfaces, this smart Turntable goes back to any area you may have missed, so you can achieve beautiful, 100% full-coverage scans.

Artec Space Spider Premium Pack

Industry-acclaimed software

Get €800 (or the USD equivalent) off a 5-year subscription to Artec Studio, an AI-powered software that makes turning objects into textured 3D models easier than ever before.

Artec Space Spider Premium Pack

Aftercare for longer

Scan with Space Spider at an industrial scale knowing that even if it were to suffer a rare issue, an expert Artec repair technician will be on-hand to help for the next 5 years.

Artec USB Kit upgrade

Equip your Space Spider with the extension cable and Thunderbolt 3 adapter included in Artec’s USB Kit to extend its range by 5 meters, and ensure it can capture with the highest possible FPS.

6-hour battery pack

The pouch, charger, power cable, and battery included in our Space Spider Premium Pack optimizes productivity, by allowing you to scan for up to 6 hours without having to stop and recharge.

Get scanner insurance with Artec Care

Accidental damage protection

Get accidental damage protection by investing in Artec Care or a Premium Pack, and rest assured that if your scanner is unintentionally bumped or knocked, Artec's repair team will be there to help.

Extend your warranty

Those seeking the maximum possible protection can combine Artec Care with a warranty extension to insure their scanner against material and workmanship defects for up to 7 years.

Fixed repair costs

With Artec Care, you can budget for exactly how much you're going to spend on scanning, safe in the knowledge that you won't run into unexpected repair costs.

Save on Artec Care

Save on Artec Care

Premium Packs

Expert assistance at every step

Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring a seamless 3D scanning experience with top-notch technical support and in-depth training resources.