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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

What country is this Artec 3D scanner from?

Artec 3D Scanners are being used all over the world! One of the most exotic places our scanners wound up in, is New Caledonia… yeah, well, we weren’t sure that we could place it on the map, either. Now we can! It’s a French island off the coast of Australia.

We thought it would be fun to have a few pictures that show where Artec 3D scanners live! So we are announcing a competition to award the best photo of an Artec 3D scanner in your home country.

The winner receives a prize worth 1,000€!

What to do: Take a picture of your Artec 3D scanner in such a way, that anyone looking at it can quickly identify what country this scanner is being used in. Get creative and feel free to use any props and hints you feel will help.

Who can participate: Anyone who owns at least one Artec 3D scanner.

When to do it: For your pictures to qualify we need to receive them by 31st March 2012.

Where to send it: Please send photos as large .jpg files (at least 1MB) to press@artec-group.com. And please include the scanner’s serial number in your letter.

What will you win: The best three photos will be featured on our website. The winner can chose between

6 months of warranty for one of his Artec 3D scanners


one extra license of Artec Studio 8.0 software

Each prize is worth 1000€! We look forward to receiving your snapshots! We hope you will have as much fun making them, as we will have sorting them!

Your Artec Team